School Safety & Security

School Safety? We believe your elementary, middle, and high school student should feel the grain of sand between his hands, the glide of paint on his fingertips, and the grip of his pencil, rather than a bullet in his side.  We believe your student should hear, "math club is canceled" and "drama moved to the auditorium" instead of gunshots in the hallway or in the classroom next door.  We believe your parents should receive text messages that say, "I forgot my graphing calculator," over "tell dad I love him" because they think they're going to die.  We are Armoured One because we believe your student should leave school enlightened and not in a body bag.  Our goal is to protect the lives of the innocent through security, empowerment, and collaboration.  No child should be left to die.

Tom Czyz (our ceo) talks about his reason for doing what we do.

Tino Amodei (our coo) talks about his reason for doing what we do.

Hear from a school superintendent about her experience with Armoured One.

A message from our CEO

School SafetyI need you!  We cannot do this alone.  We need parents, school staff and politicians to join us in securing our schools.  I remember holding each of my children when they were born and promising them that daddy will keep them safe.  I am a police officer and a SWAT Team Operator and I cannot keep that promise.  If an active shooter happens at their school it will take me about 20 minutes to get to them.  The average active shooter attack at a school lasts 8 minutes and on average someone is shot every 8 seconds during the attack.  At this rate, I am essentially useless to my kids.  This is not acceptable to me.  This is why I started Armoured One after the Sandy Hook attack on December 14, 2012.  Armoured One is a company comprised of dads and moms that are experts in the field of active shooter.  Our only desire is to keep your kids safe in school. Please join us in our fight to change America's schools and make them safe again.