Laminated Glass

Laminated Security Glass

Shooter Attack Tested And Certified

Laminated Security Glass

Laminated Security Glass Diagram

Armoured One’s security glass is the ultimate solution for buildings seeking enhanced protection against active shooter attacks. Our security glass boasts superior strength and durability compared to our film option, making it an ideal choice for capital projects or remodels. A key advantage of our security glass is its ease of installation, tailored to fit customer needs and architectural requirements, including IGUs, which saves time and reduces installation costs. Designed to slow down or stop attackers attempting to gain entry by force or with firearms, our glass provides critical time for law enforcement to respond. Additionally, all our products, both film and glass, are Shooter Attack Certified, ensuring they meet rigorous standards for forced-entry protection after an active shooter assault.

Quick Facts and Details About Our Laminated Glass:
Laminated Security Glass Product Specification
  • Thickness: 5/16″
  • Glass Weight: 3.25 lbs. sq/ft
  • Construction: Proprietary
  • Maximum Size: 72″ X 96″
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited

Our Laminated Glass provides your building with superior protection and insulation. Our security glass has been tested and passed some of the most rigorous active shooter simulation tests, proving our product is capable of protecting your building. 

FTD-SA-C6: During this test, the glass is shot 10 times with an assault rifle firing .223 rounds, where the bullets penetrate the glass. It is then hit 12 times with 100 lb. ram. If the 6-inch ram head penetrates the glass before the completion of the test level, it is considered a failure.

All of our security glass options, including our laminated glass, are at least three times stronger than our 23 Mil film product. Our glass products represent the superior security solution and are the best choice for capital projects and remodels. Not only are our glass products stronger than our film options, but they also surpass the strength of any other glass product available on the market.

Laminated Security Glass Is the Best On The Market
  • All Fire Certifications and Requirements
  • EN356 P4A
  • FTD-SA-C6 (Active Shooter Certified)
  • AOTSG-1 (Active Shooter Certified)
  • ANSI Z97.1 
  • UL972 (Anti-Burglary)
  • ASTM C 1036-06 
  • 16 CFR 1201

Installation of our security glass does require construction, so it is the best option for remodels, new construction, or capital projects. By choosing our security glass for those projects, you save money by paying only one installation fee, unlike standard glass options which require separate fees for glass and film installation. Additionally, our glass is customizable to meet your specific needs, regulations, and architectural requirements, providing both cost savings and tailored solutions. 

Location: We recommend this glass for interior locations, such as second set of vestibule doors, classroom interior doors, office doors and other interior areas where fire rated glass is not required.

Important Documents:

*Notice* Our products are not bullet resistant, they are designed to slow down or stop an attacker.
ANSI Z97.1 | 16 CFR CPSC 1201
ANSI Z97.1 | 16 CFR CPSC 1201

Strongest Active Shooter Certified Glass Available

*Our Glass Is Shooter Attack Certified, ensuring the product meets the necessary requirements for forced-entry protection after sustaining an active shooter assault. 

Our security glass options, including Laminated Glass, Fire Rated Glass, and Insulated Glass Units (IGUs), are designed with CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles to ensure maximum security while seamlessly integrating into your building’s design. All of our glass products are Active Shooter Tested and Certified, having passed testing for forced-entry protection after sustaining an active shooter assault. As demonstrated in the video, our security glass provides multiple layers of protection, holding attackers at bay and preventing access into your building. This gives law enforcement time to respond and apprehend the assailant. Additionally, our glass blocks visibility, discouraging further attacks. Even when subjected to physical assault or gunfire, the glass maintains its strength, injuring and exhausting the attacker. Choosing our security glass ensures you receive a superior, stronger product that delivers unmatched protection and peace of mind. Our customized solutions maximize your investment while meeting all safety and aesthetic requirements. Don’t settle for less than the best. Contact Armoured One LLC today to learn more about how our high-quality security glass can benefit your building and save you money in the long run.