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Mission Statement

Our Mission Is Clear: save lives during an active shooter attack

Our mission is simple, it is to save lives during an active shooter attack. At Armoured One, our mission transcends the conventional boundaries of corporate objectives; we are driven by a profound commitment to safeguarding the future – our children. Founded in the wake of a pivotal moment in history, the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, our journey began not as a business venture but as a crusade against the forces that threaten the sanctity of educational environments.

Over the last decade, Armoured One has established itself as the nation’s leading expert in school security, demonstrating a remarkable 110% growth in the last year alone. Our impact resonates globally, impacting over 100 million lives in the past few years alone, a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating a safer world.

Our expertise is unparalleled, drawing from the profound knowledge of a diverse team of specialists, including Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Secret Service, Special Forces, SWAT operators, Fire Service professionals, engineers, architects, school staff, administrators, and more. This collective wisdom shapes our innovative solutions, ensuring that every measure we implement is infused with real-world insights and proven effectiveness.

The heart of our mission lies in protection and preparedness. We secure over 2,500 windows weekly for K-12 schools across America with our security film and glass. Our products are tested rigorously against extreme conditions, including shooter attack tests, ensuring the highest level of safety for school occupants. When compared to competitors, Armoured One’s products shine like stars being the only ones on the market to pass every shooter attack test and obtain all the highest certifications possible. Our bold actions have been featured in prominent publications like The New York Times, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and more, underscoring the efficacy of our products in real-world scenarios.

Our One Training initiative, an integral part of our mission, equips educators and staff with the skills to respond effectively to threats. This comprehensive training program, offered both online and in-person, has been a critical component in preparing schools to face unforeseen dangers, ultimately saving lives during actual attacks.

It is proven that Armoured One products, training, and assessments save lives. The evidence of our impact is not just in numbers, but in real, life-altering stories. In a critical instance, a school equipped with Armoured One’s security products and trained by our experts faced the unthinkable. An attack on their school. During this attack, our security measures were put to the ultimate test. The strength and resilience of our products played a pivotal role in delaying the attacker for eight crucial minutes, providing law enforcement the time needed to respond. This moment was about more than just security measures; it was about preparedness and response. The school staff, having been prepared for this due to our comprehensive training, responded perfectly to keep everyone safe, securing the school within seconds and alerting law enforcement. Their swift actions and precise execution of the plan, a direct result of our training, ensured that everyone inside the school was safe and secure. This incident, where no lives were lost and the only injury was that of the attacker, stands as a powerful testament to the effectiveness of Armoured One’s approach to school safety.

The fear that grips parents every day – the fear that their children might not be safe at school – is a reality we are tirelessly working to change. Our children are the most precious individuals, deserving of an environment where their safety is not a matter of chance but a given. At Armoured One, we are committed to making this a reality. We envision a future where the fear of attacks on schools is a thing of the past, where every parent can have peace of mind knowing their child is protected and is coming back to them.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our mission remains the same – to be the shield that stands between danger and the innocent, to empower communities with knowledge and fortification, and to be the beacon of hope in times of uncertainty.

Our Vision: Active shooter security in every school.

Armoured One's Values


Everyone has the right to a safe community.​


We do everything to the best of our ability.


Outstanding products and unsurpassed service.


We courageously bring change to provide safe communities.


Trust is built through honesty and accountability.

Our History

How Armoured One Came To Be

The story of Armoured One began from a heart-wrenching tragedy, a day seared into the memory of many people, including Tom Czyz, Armoured Ones founder. On December 14th, 2012, the world stood still as the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy echoed through television screens, narrating the unimaginable loss of 20 first graders and 6 staff members. In a silent living room, Tom recalls standing motionless, his eyes mirroring the despair that gripped the nation as he listened to Kaitlyn Roig talk about saving 15 children that day. With two decades of law enforcement etched into his very being and a father’s fierce instinct to protect his children, each horrifying detail from her story felt like a personal call to action. In those moments of grief shared by the nation, Tom’s world transformed that day as many others did. His wife Maria, a retired teacher and now the backbone of One Training, has helped bring the mission of Armoured One to light. Together, they envisioned a world where no parent would endure the torment of uncertainty about their child’s safety at school. Thus, Armoured One was born, not just as an organization, but as a beacon of hope. Its mission: to shield the innocent during the unthinkable, to turn schools into safe environments where children can learn, grow, and socialize.

Over the years, Armoured One rallied a diverse team of experts including first responders, architects, engineers, school administrators, military personnel, and advisors from government agencies including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Secret Service. Each brought with them a wealth of experience, united by a shared mission to fortify schools against the evil that preys on innocence.

Their approach was different, it was not driven by corporate goals but by parents who wanted to protect their own children. Armoured One has done more than just installing security film and glass. They fought for changes in school safety laws, educated administrators on reacting to dangerous threats, and trained law enforcement to respond faster and more efficiently to save lives. Each initiative, each training session, was a step towards a world where the morning goodbye at the bus stop was just that – a simple goodbye, not a lingering question if they will make it home that day. 

Armoured One’s journey was not without hurdles. Initial skepticism, government pushback, and the daunting scale of their mission tested their determination. Yet, with each challenge, Tom’s vision became clearer, fueled by the stories of survivors, the determination of parents, and the resilience of communities.  In the heart of Armoured One lies a simple truth: it is driven by love – it’s driven by parents who want to protect their kids, by survivors who want to prevent other people from experiencing what they did, it’s driven by people who want to make a difference and who want to save lives. It’s a testament to the belief that even in the face of darkness, humanity can rise, united in the purpose of guarding its most precious gifts – its children. 

Armoured One is now the nation’s leading experts for school security, they are securing over 2,500 windows a week in schools across America.

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