We are a swat based company.
Armoured One

Armoured One is dedicated to one mission, “Our Mission is to provide real-world solutions to save lives from an active shooter attack.” We are founded by a SWAT Operator who is partnered with Subject Matter Experts from FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, NYS Homeland Security, Navy Seals, Delta Force Operators, and Detectives who have been studying active shooter attacks since 1985. We understand that each active shooter attack is unique and because of this, we have developed specialized products and training to meet the separate needs of k-12 schools, higher education, businesses, government, health care, and religious organizations. Our solutions are dictated by each shooter's actions in current and past attacks. This information is utilized to be proactive against such threats.

What We Do

Armoured One is able to solely focus on k-12, higher education, government, and business security, which means we understand the importance of separating industries to customize solutions. All of our products, training, assessments, and preparedness plans are completely customized for you individually.

The Armoured One Team
Executive Team

Tom Czyz

Tom is a former SWAT Team Operator and former Homicide Detective who is a father of 6 and husband to a city high school teacher. He began Armoured One because he realized after the Sandy Hook attack in 2012 that he could not keep his own kids safe while they were at school. Tom put together the best active shooter experts he could find from SWAT Team members, elite Military personnel, and Federal Agents to ensure he was creating a company that could do it right. Armoured One has former FBI active shooter profilers, Homeland Security active shooter subject matter experts, Navy Seals, Delta Force and Secret Service Agents who help create programs that are overseen by school teachers that make sure the instruction is taught in a way that is received the best. Armoured One sends investigators to school active shooter attacks, like the one in Parkland Florida, to reinvestigate the scene to make sure that the training and recommendations being made by Armoured One are working. Armoured One’s active shooter training has been taught to tens of thousands of school staff members across the nation and is received at over a 97% rating of excellent. Armoured One’s training and products have been proven to work in an real active shooter school attack where no lives were lost.

Tom is a former SWAT Team Operator, Police Academy Instructor, NYS DCJS Firearms Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Less Lethal Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, DARE I&II Instructor Certified, Instructor Development Certified, Police Crime Scene and Evidence Specialist Course Certified, Chemical Munitions Instructor, General Topics Instructor, Woodland Tactics Certified, Critical Incident Management Certified, National Incident Management System Certified, Interdiction for Terrorism Course Certified, Explosive Response to Terrorism Bombings Certified, Field Training Officer. Tom has over 17 years as a police officer and is still currently working as a Deputy in NYS and is on SWAT. Tom has had years of experience in high stress and high-risk emergency situations.


Tino Amodei

Tino Amodei, a husband and father of two boys has over 15 years of experience developing over a hundred successful companies. His innovative business and marketing approaches have allowed him to work with top brands such as Best Buy Mobile, U.S. Army, Lockheed Martin, not-for-profits, and major colleges and universities. Being the lead research and developer of all of Armoured One’s glass products has allowed him to break barriers and set new standards in the shooter attack certified glass and film market. Fueled by his passion to save lives, Tino has led our team of chemists, active shooter experts, glass and film experts to create the very first bullet resistant and fire rated glass in the world. His ability to understand architectural needs and challenges and pair it with our tactical obligations is the driving force behind Armoured One’s product development.


Jake Czyz

Bio coming soon!


Theresa Morgan

Theresa is a mother of 3, as well as a grandmother, and comes to us with over 35 years of business and finance experience and know-how. Having owed and served as CFO for 2 previous successful companies she has a wealth of financial knowledge and business acumen.  She is a CPA and member of the AICPA, and has years of tax, business consulting, and accounting experience serving clients in NYS, the USA, and abroad.  After graduating from LeMoyne college she worked for the multinational firm of Price Waterhouse Coopers, then became a partner of a local CPA firm.  She has extensive experience working with small emerging businesses to provide ongoing financial stability through employing sound business practices and adherence to current accounting standards and tax law. She believes in building a secure financial foundation on which the company’s growth and expansion can succeed and thrive.

For 20 years Theresa has served as treasurer and a board member for the non for profit organization Mercy Works. This Syracuse based charitable organization instills vision to the disenfranchised youth of our community by providing classroom instruction, summer employment, and career opportunities.  Theresa is a licensed Christian worker with the Abundant Life Christian Center Ministerial Association and a Bible teacher in the Abundant Life Institute. She is deeply concerned and cares about the safety and well being of our youth and young adults. She is passionate about the mission of Armoured One and is employing her business, tax, and accounting skills for the financial success and stability of our company. We are thrilled to have her on board.

Vice Presidents
Sr Vice President of Training

Maria Czyz

Maria Czyz is a wife and mom of two.  She was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and graduated from Fowler High School.  She received her B.A. in Education and M.S. in Literacy from SUNY Oswego.  Maria taught in the Syracuse City School District and is passionate about teaching and growing underprivileged schools and communities.  Maria is dedicated to bridging the gap between law enforcement/military/1st responders and educators.  She is passionate about incorporating practical teaching strategies into Armoured One Training.

VP of Procurement

Scott Hare

Retired Lieutenant Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division, Scott Hare was active for 23 years at the DeWitt Police Department in New York. With two decades of training under his belt it’s no wonder it is his expertise and passion. Scott began teaching as a field training officer. In 2001, he became a firearms instructor which is what fueled his passion for training officers in active shooter solutions. Quickly promoted, Scott became the director of training for several programs including Firearms, Active Violence, Community Policing, Emergency Management (school and religious facility safety plans), youth programs (including schools). He continues to stay involved in the future of law enforcement as an Adjunct Instructor for the Cazenovia College Police Academy.

Scott has developed and presented multiple workplace violence presentations for local businesses, school safety plans, and 360-degree photo plans for schools and religious facilities for active violence response.

Regardless of his extensive background and achievements Scott is humbled and proud to be a member of the Armoured One team. He strongly believes in our mission and it is his desire to work alongside the best of the best with one goal in common: keeping children safe.

-NYS Use of Force Instructor 
-Firearms and Patrol rifle instructor 
– General Topics 
-SWAT operator 
-National Incident Management System 
-NYS and CALEA Accredited agency

VP of Sales

Brian Johnson

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Regional Directors
Regional Director

Jim Emery

Jim Emery is a married father of two sons and a retired NYPD Detective of the Organized Crime Control Bureau Narcotics Division. As part of the NYPD Special Response Team with a concentration in active shooter situations, his knowledge is invaluable to Armoured One. Jim is a graduate of the Emergency Services Unit Weapons of Mass Destruction training. Emery served his country as a Marine assigned to Security Forces and was a part of the Dignitary Protection Team which was responsible for protecting former President Clinton and the Secretary of Defense while on military instillations and vessels. He is also an expert marksman with both long gun and side arm. He comes to Armoured One with vast amounts of experience in active shooter and his desire to keep children and faculty safe falls directly in line with what our company believes in.

Regional Director

Ron Cooper

Ronald (Coop) Cooper is a husband and dad of two daughters. Coop has over 27 years law enforcement service and during his career he has been a Detective/SRO in the departments Youth Services Unit (YSU). The last 9 years of his career he was assigned to YSU. He served as a Medic in the US Army 

One of the highlights of Coop’s career is his “Cops that Care “ Program that he started 15 years ago. Cops that care gives over 1500 children toys/gifts at Christmas time.  The program continues to thrive even 5 years after Coop’s retirement.

Another Highlight is Coop’s ability to interact with children to help them get their lives in order.  Coop has gotten several kids out of gangs and helped them graduate from 4-year colleges. Coop understands the importance of keeping our children safe at school.  He believes in and is passionate about the mission of Armoured One.

Currently Coop does security in Hollywood for a Celebrity power couple and he is a nationally certified as an active shooter instructor for Armoured One..

Sr Vice President of Training

Maria Czyz

Maria Czyz is a wife and mom of two.  She was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and graduated from Fowler High School.  She received her B.A. in Education and M.S. in Literacy from SUNY Oswego.  Maria taught in the Syracuse City School District and is passionate about teaching and growing underprivileged schools and communities.  Maria is dedicated to bridging the gap between law enforcement/military/1st responders and educators.  She is passionate about incorporating practical teaching strategies into Armoured One Training.

Director of Instructor Training & Evaluation

Mary McCrone

Mary McCrone, wife and mother of two children, has over 30 years experience as a teacher, speaker and theater director.  After receiving her B.A. from LeMoyne College, and her M.S. in English Education from Syracuse University, she became a dedicated middle/high school teacher for the Syracuse City School District, working with the youth and families of the Levy, Roberts and Fowler communities.  She also instructed teachers as part of the national Integrated Thematic Instruction Program and worked for the textbook company, McDougal Little, training teachers and administrators and instructional specialists in the use of materials and lesson planning procedures. Mary is a trained mediator through New Justice.  She currently shares her teaching and speaking expertise with Armoured One by assisting in interviewing potential tactical consultants, creating instructional training and evaluating speaking skills.

Associate Director of Training & Subject Matter Expert in Active Shooter

Mike Poland

Michael Poland, a father and husband, has the knowledge and experience that makes him a true leader in tactical training and crisis situations. He has spent over 20 years as a law enforcement officer, 16 years as a SWAT team member and 7 years as a SWAT Team leader. Mike works for NYS Homeland Security as a Subject Matter Expert in Active Shooter. Michael is also a Navy Veteran, serving his country against dangerous threats and protecting America.

Level 3 Instructor

Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis

Kaitlin Roig-Debellis is a mom, a wife, and a former 1st grade teacher who through her heroic actions saved her entire 1st grade class as well as her own life from the Sandy Hook attack, one of the worst active shooter incidents in America’s history. Armoured One is proud to have her as a part of our team so we can share her message of empowerment and hope to schools across the country.

Kaitlin is the Founder & Executive Director of Classes 4 Classes, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization. Kaitlin founded Classes 4 Classes knowing that positive social change was needed, and that this needed to begin with the youngest members of our society, our K-8 students. Classes 4 Classes is a social networking tool, for every student in the United States to learn: compassion, caring, kindness, empathy, consideration, through active engagement. 

Kaitlin speaks to School Boards, Administrators, Teachers and High School and College students across the US and Canada as a key note and commencement speaker. Kaitlin serves on the NEAG Alumni Association Board of Directors and also serves on the awards selection committee. Kaitlin is the author of ‘Choosing Hope: Moving Forward from Life’s Darkest Hours’ published by G.P. Putnam & Penguin.

Higher Education Instructor

Lisa Hamp

Lisa Hamp is a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting that took place on April 16, 2007.  With her classmates, she built a barricade to prevent the shooter from entering their classroom.  She shares her experience during and after the shooting, as well as lessons learned from the Virginia Tech Tragedy, to first responders, mental health professionals, educators, and community leaders.  Her work has been featured in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Campus Safety Magazine, Domestic Preparedness Journal, and many other prominent news outlets. She is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Virginia Tech, a Master’s degree in Operations Research from George Mason University, and a Master’s degree in Economics from John Hopkins University.

Director of Assessments & Sr. Engineer

Steve Zaferakis

Steve Zaferakis is a husband and father who truly embraces safety and preparedness in schools. His wife is a middle school teacher while his two daughters attend elementary school. He has 25 years of experience in fire, rescue, and emergency services with the Moyers Corners Fire Department. He held numerous leadership positions within the department and served as a chief officer for ten years. During is tenure in the fire service he consistently delivered fire safety to the school district by conducting annual school fire inspections, developing fire prevention curriculum and making presentations to students and teachers. A self-defense instructor for over 25 years, he has trained many first responders in situational awareness and personal defense. Steve has over 10 years of experience in the field of fire protection engineering and is also certified NYS Code Enforcement Official. 

Assistant Director of Assessments

Bob Toms, PSP

Bob Toms, father of seven, three of which are currently enrolled in public secondary schools, has over three decades of experience within the fields of law enforcement, electronic security, corporate security and security risk assessment.

During his twenty year career with the Syracuse Police Department, Bob assumed various assignments within several divisions; road Patrol Officer; undercover narcotics Investigator; major felony unit Detective and Technical Operations Division, Detective Sergeant, Command Officer.

He also served as the Director of Security at the Syracuse Housing Authority, for several years.

Since 2000, he has conducted numerous security risk assessments and engineered electronic security system designs for corporations, healthcare facilities, retail establishments and school districts.

Also, Bob is board certified as a Physical Security Professional (PSP) by ASIS International, the preeminent international organization for security practitioners.

Tactical Consultant & Assessments

Dan Pace

Dan Pace fully understands the importance of ensuring our schools are prepared and safe as his wife is a public school teacher and his young boys will soon be in school. He has over 12 years of law enforcement experience including the last 6 years as a SWAT Operator. Dan is also an Assistant Team Leader as a SWAT Sniper. Currently Dan works road patrol in addition to teaching various topics for a large law enforcement agency and police recruits at a regional police academy.

– Advanced Active Shooter Tactics & Operations Course
– Tactical Team Leader Course
– Use of Force Instructor
– Woodland Tactical Operations Course
– Basic Sniper Certification
– Extended Range Sniper Certification
– General Topics Instructor

Tactical Consultant & Assessments, Subject Matter Experts in Active Shooter

Mark Milicich

Mark Milicich has over three decades of experience in the military, homeland security and security expertise in both government and the private sector.  He joined the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in June 2003 and was the Deputy Director for Operations for the Protective Security Division.  In July 2004, he played an invaluable role in developing a National Program from concept to deployment of 68 Protective Security Advisors (PSA) in 60 offices across America. He was selected as the pilot PSA and the primary mission was security of critical infrastructure. After the deployment of the PSAs, he led and managed the program from January 2004 to July 2006. As the PSA for Southern VA, from July 2004 to September 2014, he facilitated, coordinated, and performed assessments to identify and document the overall security and resilience of critical infrastructure and acted as a technical security advisor to federal, state, local and private sector officials. With a focus on critical infrastructure, he supported specials events such as Super Bowls, a G-8 Summit, a NASCAR Race, and Presidential & Gubernatorial Inaugurations and natural disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Ike and other incidents of national significance. He served in the U.S. Air Force (USAF) for 20 years. From February 1993 to October 2000, he served as the USAF Team Superintendent/Naval Warfare Liaison at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, Virginia Beach, VA. He holds the ASIS Certified Protection Professional credential.

Assessments Architect

Pat Leamy

Registered Architect Pat Leamy is a husband and a father of two grown children and three grandchildren. Pat comes to Armoured One with more than 30 years of progressively responsible facilities and architectural experience in the areas of construction administration, project management, design and capital planning with a documented record of success. His experience with K-12 schools makes him an invaluable asset to our Assessment team. Having significant exposure in leading a customer service-oriented team he is able to seamlessly work alongside school administrations. He has received the California Emergency Services certification for disaster assessments. Being a Registered Architect, with NYS building codes, code enforcement and energy systems Pat is a perfect fit with Armoured One’s mission to keep students and faculty safe in schools.

Business Development Executive

Jody Manning

District Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer of Onondaga-Cortland-Madison Board of Cooperative Educational Services Jody Manning, Ed.D., is a devoted husband to a teacher, and the father of two daughters who are both in the New York State public school system. As District Superintendent, Jody served more than 63,000 students in 23 suburban school districts in Central New York. It is the seventh-largest BOCES in New York State. Throughout his career he has had the privilege of working directly for New York State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia and her predecessor, John King, Jr., who later became the U.S. Secretary of Education in 2016. He also worked for two New York State Education Department executive leaders, Senior Deputy Commissioner Jhone Ebert and Deputy Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green, who were recently appointed as top education leaders in two states: Ebert became the state Superintendent of Public Instruction in Nevada, and Infante-Green became the state Education Commissioner of Rhode Island. Jody believes that as the challenge of school safety becomes more important than ever, he needs to be as proactive as possible. Armoured One is extremely honored to have Jody Manning as a part of our team.


Jody was inducted into the National Center for Education Research and Technology (NCERT), an organization of top-level school superintendents from across the United States and Canada who collaborate with a distinguished group of education-related corporate members. Membership is by invitation only and limited to 85 superintendents.

Jody received the Maxine Giacobbe Award from the New York State Association for Women in Administration for his exceptional work in education related to children from diverse populations, including children of color, to reduce gender inequalities and promote outstanding achievement.

Director of Marketing & Media Relations

Nanette Downie

With over 15 years’ experience in Marketing, Media and Public Relations, Nanette is responsible for both developing and executing a strong message that clearly represents Armoured One and our desire to save lives. She began her career working for a news station in New York as a video editor, where she was nominated for an Emmy. Nanette then left her hometown in New York for Los Angeles and worked alongside several high-profile Hollywood directors and the producer of the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Nanette then changed gears for a job in experiential marketing where she traveled the country as a product specialist for Subaru for ten years. When the Sandy Hook tragedy took place, she felt very strongly something needed to be done and a few years later decided to join the Armoured One team. Nanette believes it is vital for schools and businesses to take preventative measures now rather than wait until the next breaking news report. Her ability to communicate effectively with school faculty and officials, business executives, the media and the general public makes her a valuable asset to the Armoured One team.

Creative Director

Douglas Spossey

Douglas is extremely passionate about the Armoured One mission as he is a survivor of an Active Shooter situation (Tipp Hill 2015).

Douglas Spossey is a Syracuse born & raised creative director, with over 15 years of graphic design, typography, color theory and web design experience. He is a content creator, avid basketball fan (go Knicks!), and podcast host. Douglas has worked across the globe with many different international companies and start-ups, bringing with him a passion driven work ethic, a strong sense of leadership, and a unique understanding of brand identity, brand objectives, and effective communication practices.

Manufacturing Operations Supervisor

Rob Schwabenbauer

Bio coming soon.

R&D Associate

Tom Derby

Tom Derby, a husband and father of four is a retired Lieutenant of the Patrol Division for the Syracuse Police Department and former Sergeant of the Criminal Investigations Division. Throughout his career, Derby was awarded numerous Divisional, Bureau and Departmental Commendations for his work. Twice he received the Jerome P. Slater Medal for his heroism and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. A native of Sterling New York, he was raised on a farm and has always enjoyed working with his hands. His passion for learning and being hands-on led to his experience in numerous areas of the construction field from new construction to restoring older buildings as well as commercial work. Derby’s desire to protect and serve others along with his love for craftmanship and hard work makes him a perfect fit for Armoured One.


Meritorious Service Medal

American Legion Officer of the Year 

District Attorney’s Office Medal of Gallantry


Josh Czyz

Rev. Joshua Czyz, has over 20 years of experience as pastor and chaplain in Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Healthcare and Corrections. He has extensive training and experience in Critical Incident Stress Management, Peer Defusing, Disaster Response and Psychological First Aid.

As a father of 6 boys, Joshua is passionate about protecting children. He believes we should be protecting them so that his services are never necessary after a tragedy.

Field Service Project Manager

Paul Bisson

Paul Bisson is a husband and father of two and is passionate about keeping children safe. In one way or another has spent his entire life in the construction industry.  The son of a general contractor, Paul learned all facets of the industry by the time he was a young adult. Just prior to coming to Armoured One, Paul spent 11 years in the HVAC industry, specializing in designing and commissioning HVAC systems for both residential and commercial buildings.  Paul held the position of Technical Service Manager and worked with contractors, installers and manufacturers trouble shooting issues and implementing solutions.


Tracy Haynes

Tracy Haynes is a father of two. One of his children is in college and the other is a High School History Teacher working at a District protected by Armoured One products and services. When Tracy first joined the Armoured One team he was head of Quality Control within our Glass Department. Because of his willingness to help when needed he also assisted our inventory and logistics department. Prior to coming to Armoured One he spent over 20 years in the Truck Accessories Manufacturing/Retail market place. Growing up on a farm where he currently resides, Tracy is no stranger to hard work and it is his strong work ethic that earned him a spot as an estimator. His attention to detail and customer service skills make him a great asset to our Procurement Department. 

“As a grandfather, it’s comforting to know that we’re not only protecting students in the present but our products and services will also be protecting future generations,” says Haynes.


Ken Cole

Bio coming soon!