23 Mil Security Film

Shooter/Attack/Bomb Resistant Security Film

Part #: AOTSF23

Recommended Uses

Our security film can be installed on all existing glass on a building.
 It can be applied to both interior glass, as well as exterior glass.

Security Film

In the US there is an active shooter incident that happens every day and when your building needs to go into lockdown, it is important to have glass that is designed to slow down or deter an attacker from gaining entry with a gun. If you have glass that you're not planning on replacing, then our shooter/attack/bomb resistant security film is a great option. It is the first film to be shooter/attack certified, which means it is designed for bullets to go through, but will still hold together for longer than typical safety film. Armoured One’s security film was designed by active shooter experts and are military/police grade.

Installation of our 23MIL film is applied on the most inside surface of your existing glass and anchored to your existing framing. Our films are much thicker and utilize a patented adhesive technology that allows us to achieve the strength that other films cannot.

Various Glass Options

In combination with our film, we can add tints, reflective and opaque options for privacy.


Shooter/Attack Certified

Armoured One’s Tactical Security Film is the first film to be tested with a standard based on the history of active shooters. This test is designed to simulate an average active shooter scenario. Other timed tests utilizing bricks, hammers, or other objects, are not ideal and opens up liability, as these objects are not typically used in an active shooter scenario.

Wind Debris

Armoured One’s Tactical Security Film is wind debris resistant. Our film has passed tests for small missile projectiles that simulate wind debris that could hit glass during strong winds, such as hurricanes.

Bomb Blast & Explosive Protectant

Bomb blast or explosions can cause glass shards to become lethal objects. Armoured One’s Tactical Security Film is bomb blast and explosive resistant, reducing the amount of flying glass.


Forced Entry & Burglary Resistant

Attackers target glass for easier access into a building. Armoured One’s Tactical Security Film is designed to slow down any attacker from being able to gain entry by withstanding multiple hits.

Burning Characteristics

Armoured One’s Tactical Security Film meets standard test methods for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. Our film helps reduce the spread of fire, allowing more time for evacuation procedures to take place.

Safety Glazing & Glass Breakage

Armoured One’s Tactical Security Film reduces the amount of injury due to human contact from broken glass. Our film meets safety glazing codes to reduce the risk of pieces injuring people.