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Understanding the Meaning of bullet resistance

What Does "Bulletproof" Really Mean?

The term “bulletproof” typically refers to materials or structures that can resist penetration by bullets or other projectiles. However, it’s important to note that no material or structure can be considered “bulletproof” in all situations. Bulletproof is the ranking system for bullet resistant materials or structures. It’s common for individuals to mistake “bullet resistant” for “bulletproof” because the term is commonly misused in movies, tv shows, books, etc. But knowledge in the field tells you that “bulletproof” is actually based on levels that correspond to what the materials are able to block, often referring to bullets.

Standardized testing methods, such as the UL Solutions ballistic resistance rating system, rank materials and structures according to their bullet resistance. This system uses a numerical ranking system, ranging from Level 1 to Level 10, to indicate the degree of protection against different types of bullets and projectile velocities. However, it’s worth noting that even materials and structures that are rated as highly bullet-resistant may not be able to withstand every type of bullet or projectile in every situation. The specific circumstances and potential threats should always be considered when selecting and evaluating bullet-resistant materials and structures.

Quick Facts:

  • “Bulletproof” refers to different ranking levels of bullet resistance. 
  • Bullet resistance ranking is determined by the degree of protection against different types of bullets and projectile velocities.

Is Armoured One Glass Bullet Resistant?

Our glass and film products are not bullet resistant but are specifically designed to prevent attackers from gaining entry to buildings and rooms. This gives victims and law enforcement more time to respond to the ongoing threat, increasing chances of survival and decreasing casualties.

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Ranking System Explained

Oftentimes when a product, material, or object is labeled “bulletproof” it simply means that it is ranked on the bullet-resistance level system. For example, the bullet-resistance body armor the average American police officer wears is level 4 body armor. This body armor is capable of stopping handguns and other lower velocity projectiles. However, this does not make it 100% bullet-resistant or “bulletproof” since the armor is not capable of stopping a projectile from higher velocity projectiles. The chart depicts the bullet-resistant ranking system, factoring in the power and velocity of the force that a product/material can withstand.

UL 752 Bullet Resistant Material Standard
UL 752 Bullet Resistant Material Standard
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