We Specialize In School Security Glass, Bullet Resistant Glass, Training, And Safety Planning!

What We Do

At Armoured One we have a genuine concern for the safety of our schools. We are parents ourselves, and understand the importance of keeping schools safe and secure, while maintaining a learning environment that looks and feels like a school, not a prison. This is why all of our products, assessments, and training will increase your school’s security, with the least amount of push back from parents, students, and the community.

Armoured One has the ability to completely assess your school’s security protocols and the integrity of its structural design and construction as it relates to intruder deterrence.

Our staff has over four decades of law enforcement experience with expertise in everything from responding to life threatening emergencies, investigating major crimes, handling high risk SWAT operations, and training other police officers in the proper response to an active shooter. We have travelled the country to receive specialized training from subject matter experts in conducting anti-terrorism threat assessments, counter-terrorism tactics, and developing preventative measures against suicide bombers. All of this directly translates to methods Armoured One can utilize to make your school safer. You will not find this level of specialized knowledge combined with real world experience anywhere else in the industry.