Prepare for the Unthinkable.

Save lives with expert security assessments.

Armoured One LLC’s goal is to deter, prevent, defend and protect against an individual or individuals who are targeting victims in an Active Shooter (mass killing) or deadly aggressive behavior incident.

When a school or business is completing a capital project, the decisions made during the planning and design phase can save lives. Our subject matter experts in active shooter will work with your district and architect to make sure you have considered every layer needed to keep our schools safe and secure.

Armoured One LLC assembled and lead a team of experts from SWAT Team Operators, Homeland Security Active Shooter Experts, a former Navy SEAL Master Chief, a Delta Force Team Leader, Engineers, and Architects. We are the only company that utilizes so many different experts for Security Assessments.

What is a Security Assessment?

The careful examination of past active shooter incidents helps determine security improvements for safer environments.

Every active shooter attack is unique. Because of this, Armoured One LLC has developed specialized products, assessments, and training that meet the different needs of K-12 schools, higher education, businesses, government, health care, and religious organizations. We assess existing building conditions and operational practices that directly or indirectly impact the effectiveness of the safety and well-being of administrators, employees, and visitors. We provide recommendations to upgrade conditions and practices in those areas that demonstrate a need for improvement.

The recommendations made in our assessments have already saved lives in schools.

Armoured One LLC Assessments Include:
  • Provide recommendations based on real life experiences with shooters and the study of the history of active shooters in America.
  • Reference applicable past active shooter attacks
  • Helps to identify vulnerabilities
  • Include field work, a questionnaire, and an individual report for each building.
  • Assists in developing an effective Emergency Operations or Action Plan.

Armoured One LLC’s security assessments are specifically focused on areas in need of improvement based on actual, real life case studies of past Active Shooters in the United States. Our recommendations will help create cover or concealment from an attacker and buy time for the innocent to react and increase their chance of survival.

Not only do we examine from the property line to the interior of your building, but we will also make recommendations regarding preventative measures, security personnel, and district-wide policy.

    • Interviews conducted with building administration
    • Physical security conditions (Building Grounds / Building Perimeter / Building Interior)
    • Building ingress and egress of students, staff, visitors and vendors
    • Places of assembly and special needs
    • Security related technologies
    • Security related policies and procedures
    • School Resource Officers or Security
    • Active Shooter training