Armoured One is dedicated to one mission, “making schools, colleges, and universities safer against major attacks and shootings.” We are a SWAT Team driven company, which studies the history of attacks on schools, while implementing new products, training, preparedness plans and assessments to help school administration to be proactive against attacks.

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Armoured One solely focuses on school security, which means we understand the importance of having a secure learning environment without looking like a prison. All of our products, training, assessments, and preparedness plans, are completely customized to each individual school, college, or universities.



Tom Czyz


Tom Czyz is a Sheriff’s Deputy and SWAT team member with over 15 years of dedicated experience.  His experience ranges from a SWAT team operator to working with schools and instructing the DARE program. Having been assigned to both the SWAT Team and serving on road patrol, Tom has had numerous years of experience with high risk and high stress emergency situations.


Tino Amodei


Tino Amodei has over 12 years of experience developing over a hundred successful companies. His innovative business and marketing approaches have allowed him to work with top brands such as Best Buy Mobile, U.S. Army, Lockheed Martin, not-for-profits, and major colleges and universities. Tino has also worked with celebrities Martin Sheen, Matthew Perry, Melissa Fitzgerald, Trey Anastasio, Alonzo Bodden, and Harry Lennix. He is the developer of the Interact 6 System, which is a process that shows companies how to better interact with their customers. He is also the author of an up and coming book called, “The 6 Laws Of Interaction.”


Mat Vance

Product and Tactical Rep

Mat Vance served over 10 years as both a scout in the U.S. Army and an independent security contractor overseas.

His experience in the Army took him to both urban and rural areas of Iraq where he learned to adapt to an always changing insurgency.  His primary job was reconnaissance, but in war everyone must learn to do other tasks.  Mat learned crime scene investigation, house clearing techniques to protect civilians, developed relationships with neighborhood leaders to expedite tactics in repelling insurgents and much more.

Mat’s time as a security contractor took him back to Iraq, where he was a security officer for a government client.  He helped develop standard procedures for both perimeter and internal security for multiple bases.  Mat also recommended security tactics to counter innovative enemy attacks.

He is a father and husband who is motivated by a passion to protect this great country’s future… our children.


Scott Bollinger

Tactical Consultant/Instructor

Scott has dedicated his life to protecting people and is well respected in the community. He is a U.S. Navy veteran and served in the first Gulf War. He has over 17 years of real world experience as a law enforcement officer. Scott is a street cop, a SWAT operator and has worked assignments with the IMPACT unit and the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force. He is a certified armorer of handguns and carbine rifles and possesses an intimate knowledge and understanding of weapon systems and ballistic capabilities.


Michael Poland

Tactical Consultant/Instructor

Michael’s knowledge and experience makes him a true leader in tactical training and crisis situations. He has spent 16 years as a law enforcement officer, 13 years as a SWAT team member and 4 years as a SWAT Team leader. Michael is also a Navy Veteran, serving his country against dangerous threats and protecting America.


Anthony Messura

Tactical Consultant/Instructor

Monroe County Sheriffs Dept Road Patrol Deputy 24+yrs  9/20/1988-retired 11/24/2012.

17 Yrs on MCSO Swat Team as a operator and ATL.

Help develop and implement the first active shooter training and response program for Monroe County.

Advanced Firearms instructor , m4, handgun and shotgun, Tazer instructor and general topics instructor.

Advanced Marine leo certified.

Security Director for RDI Diamonds.