With an Average of One School Shooting Per Week, it’s Time to Get Real About Protecting Schools

Armoured One’s in depth story on WTNH News 8 in Connecticut with Scott McDonnell, highlights the vulnerabilities schools are facing today when it comes to active shooter, and what Armoured One is doing about it.

One of the most terrifying and deadliest scenarios schools are facing in America today is an active shooter. School districts are required to have their buildings up to fire code and the average death rate in a school fire is .48 percent. On average, a person is shot every eight seconds in an active shooter attack. What is being done to keep schools safe from an active shooter?

Armoured One is answering the call by picking up where legislation is lacking. Founder and CEO Tom Czyz, a police officer, husband of a teacher and the father of six children went to his State representative after the Sandy Hook tragedy to find out what was being done to prevent this from happening. Nothing was being done.

Czyz took it upon himself to comprise an unparalleled team of subject matter experts on active shooter and to develop the best in security assessments, training, and products that equip people and buildings with the right tools needed to slow down an attacker.

“A lot of schools across America want to pretend that this isn’t going to happen and they don’t take it seriously, and we have to face the reality that this is hitting the news every week in the United States, whether it was the shooting in Nevada or down in Texas at the church, says Czyz.

Armoured One trains faculty and staff Nationwide to run, hide/barricade, fight and offers products designed to protect the innocent and slow down the attacker. As you’ll see in the WTNH news story, Armoured One offers the strongest and most cost-effective shooter attack certified film in the market today.

“Preparation is the key, getting prepared for what could happen, preparing your staff and investing time into them on what to do. That way it becomes muscle memory, the more you practice the more you do it your brain catches up with your body, and preparation is what does that for you,” said Czyz.

Armoured One is a SWAT Team driven company, which studies the history of attacks on schools, while implementing new products, training, and works with all types of organizations and infrastructures, but our true passion and love, is when we can work with K-12 schools, Colleges and Universities.