What is an Assessment?

Armoured One LLC, is dedicated to one mission; making schools, colleges, universities, healthcare facilities and corporations safer against major attacks and shootings. We study the history of attackers and utilize acquired information to inform and empower people to become more proactive in regard to violent attacks; in order to save lives!

The objective of our security assessment is to assess existing building conditions and operational practices that directly or indirectly impact the effectiveness of the safety and well-being of administrators, employees and visitors. In turn, recommendations will be made to upgrade conditions and practices in those areas that demonstrate a need for improvement.

Areas of Examination

  • Interviews conducted with building administration & staff
  • Physical security conditions (exterior to building / perimeter of building / interior of building)
  • Building ingress and egress of employees, visitors and vendors
  • Interior security of designated areas
  • Existing electronic security systems
  • Existing security related policies and procedures
  • Local area crime rate