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The world is going through major changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and you and your business need to be protected with these changes. Due to the majority of non-essential workplaces being shut down, many companies are on the market for a security guard to protect their commercial property. There are tons of advantages to hiring security guards, including keeping small areas safe after hours. But, what if we told you that other solutions can do the same thing for a fraction of the overall cost, along with high tech surveillance both inside and outside of your business 24/7? There are alternatives to hiring security guards, you just have to know where to look.

Start by Securing Your Doors & Windows

Before hiring a security guard, secure your business in other ways first. This means investing in solid doors and windows as well as locking up the area. In fact, the very first thing you should do is utilize locks and padlocks on outside entrances as well as security doors inside. It’s an easy and cheap way to provide some security to your business. 

Your windows and doors should also be secure, and we’re not just talking about locks. Windows and doors are obviously the most common entry points for burglars. Your windows should not only be locked, but you should invest in burglar-resistant glass treatments along with a glass-break sensor alarm. Your doors should be secured by metal crossbars and be all-around strong enough to prevent a break-in. With the combination of strict padlocks and secured windows and doors, your business will be that much safer without needing a security guard.

Put Up Fences And Illuminate The Area

Before hiring a security guard, make sure you do these two things – they are almost enough to scare off burglars, vandals, and loiterers. For one, perimeter fences really do keep people off of your property, especially if you surround your entire business area with them. Additionally, they make a business look a little bit more intimidating to trespassers. 

Most importantly, you should illuminate the area around your business. Why? Because people are less likely to approach a place that is surrounded by lights – burglars don’t want to be seen. You should have lights installed that provide optimum visibility and surround the entire business area. This will not only protect people from getting hurt, but it will keep potential intruders away.

Install A Security System

You can secure your office building or a warehouse using a trusted camera security system. An effective security system with proactive monitoring is more than enough to prevent burglars, vandals, and loiterers from trespassing the premises. 

Deep Sentinel’s live video monitoring system combines technology with human intelligence to provide real-time surveillance of your property. This smart security system offers an enhanced level of protection to your business as it allows our operators to monitor multiple sites simultaneously. 

All in all, a proactive security system like Deep Sentinel provides round-the-clock surveillance, extensive site coverage, and cost-effective security for a more reliable and thorough protection compared to traditional security guards.

Virtual Security Guard Services by Deep Sentinel

Are you a business that’s currently looking to hire a security guard? Deep Sentinel offers a better option for only a fraction of the cost. Hiring a security guard tends to have a lot of unfortunate benefits such as limited range of sight, they are unarmed, the guard is only at one place in a given time, and the cost to pay a security guard can be absolutely outrageous. 

Deep Sentinel is a home and business surveillance company that takes a new approach to security. Burglar alarm systems are simply out of date and won’t work for your business anymore. Deep Sentinel is a security system in which live guards watch your feed 24/7 and respond to after-hour interruptions on your property. Deep Sentinel can provide security to any type of business including storefronts, warehouses, private shops of any size, etc, as well as prevent crimes such as vandalism, loitering, and break-ins.

So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one! Deep Sentinel means having virtual security guards watching your property at all times and guards will even respond directly to potential intruders and notify the police if needed. On top of that, you only pay a fraction of the cost of a private security team.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a security guard might be what brought you here, but don’t let it be the reason why you opt for one. Security guards are great in large public spaces, but they don’t really do any justice when it comes to securing a small business after hours. Deep Sentinel is your live security guard, providing you with live guards who watch your property after hours for a fraction of the cost. Deep Sentinel is a business surveillance company that will watch your property after-hours and respond to anyone who trespasses, as well as call the police if necessary. Having a live security guard has never been easier and more cost efficient!