Steve Davison

If you’ve ever visited our headquarters, you’ve seen Steve’s incredible handiwork. What started as a run-down warehouse has become a beautifully renovated building that perfectly blends the old with the new. Steve helped to restore part of the original building to maintain character while making it safe for our Syracuse team.
Steve was born and raised in Syracuse and spent most of his life here, with the exception of a short stint out in Arizona and Idaho where he built and remodeled houses. Upon his return to Syracuse, where he could be closer to family, Steve became a codes officer. It was through that job and a mutual connection that he learned about Armoured One LLC. Soon after, Steve was hired to help with building renovations and he hasn’t stopped since.

Steve’s day-to-day responsibilities are often changing. You can usually find him moving from project to project throughout the course of a single day, with work ranging from carpentry and construction to fixing equipment throughout the facility. Steve loves the challenge as well as the people that he works with every day.
For 2021, Steve says that it, “is going to be the year we have been dreaming about. The nationwide demo tour has been great…Architects and other people in the glass world are seeing how amazing Armoured One LLC glass is and how we can protect children and keep people safe.”

As for the long-term, while he has only been working for Armoured One LLC for two and a half years, Steve is looking forward to the next ten. He said, “I have seen and done more in the last two years than in much of my building career, and I know that what I do now is really making a difference. My father and brother-in-law both taught me to respect people and to do everything I can to make the world a better place.”

We appreciate all you have done for us Scuba. The building would not look as incredible as it does without your dedication and hard work and we are grateful to have you as part of our team!