Shooter/Attack/Bomb Certified 1/2 Inch Thick Glass.

Armoured One’s Tactical Security Glas is a shooter/attack and bomb resistant glass. It is a laminated half inch thick single pane glass for added security on buildings. AOTSG816-L is design to be installed on interior doors that do not require insulated glass units. (For information on Armoured One’s insulated security glass units please click here.) This glass is ideal for inside sets of locked vestibule doors, interior room doors with glass, and glass that is adjacent to any door where an attacker can break the glass and get to the door handle.

As glass is the weakest point of entry into a building for an attacker, we highly recommend any building to add security glass to help deter attackers from gaining entry. AOTSG 816-L does just that to attackers that are trying to gain entry. Our glass is discreet and most people will not be able to tell the difference between our shooter/attack certified and bomb resistant glass, and the glass you already have in your building. This adds an element of surprise to anyone who tries to get through it.

What Does Shooter/Attack Certified Mean?

Armoured One's Tactical Security Glass is the first glass to be tested with a standard based on the history of active shooters. This test is designed to simulate an average active shooter scenario. Other timed tests utilizing bricks, hammers, or
other objects, which are not realistic and opens up liability, as these objects are not typically used in an active shooter scenario and are performed without a repeat standard of force.

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