Shooter/Attack/Bomb Certified 1/4 inch thick Glass

Armoured One’s Tactical Security Glass is our thinnest shooter/attack and bomb certified glass that we offer. The thickness of our AOTSG416L is a quarter inch thick. Yes, we can achieve shooter/attack certified and bomb resistant on glass that thin! This type of glass is a great option for projects that that are new construction or remodel projects, where glaziers can use standard size vision kits and drop our AOTSG-416L right into place.

Armoured One’s AOTSG-416L was designed to be used for an interior application. We recommend this glass for the second set of vestibule doors, classroom interior doors, office doors and windows.

AOTSG-416L As Insulated Glass Units

Armoured One’s Tactical Security Glass can be used in an insulated glass application. Since it is only a quarter inch thick, it will still remain as a one inch unit using common size spacers. Our Insulated Glass does range in a variety of options, such as colors, low-e, tints and etc... For more information on our one-way shooter/attack certfied insulated glass units, click here.

What Does Shooter/Attack Certified Mean?

Armoured One's Tactical Security Glass is the first glass to be tested with a standard based on the history of active shooters. This test is designed to simulate an average active shooter scenario. Other timed tests utilizing bricks, hammers, or
other objects, which are not realistic and opens up liability, as these objects are not typically used in an active shooter scenario and are performed without a repeat standard of force.

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