Shooter/Attack/Bomb Certified Insulated Glass Units

Armoured One’s shooter/attack and bomb resistant Insulated Glass Unit is designed to add security glass while keeping the energy efficiency you expect from an insulated glass unit. Our insulated glass units can fit into any standard one-inch frame, which makes it easy to swap standard glass with our glass.

AOTSGU-1 is ideal for the exterior glass of a building. Most commercial applications are utilizing the best in energy efficiency. Most of the time energy efficiency and security do not go hand-and-hand, but with our glass we can give you the best of both worlds.

Armoured One’s Tactical Security Insulated Glass can come on a variety of types of glass. We offer tinted option, colors, low-e and etc... We also cut to your specifications and sizes. Keep in mind that our glass is actual glass and will look no different than standard glass, which adds an element of surprise to anyone who tries to get through it.

AOTSGU-1 is designed to slow down any attacker on your building and allowing as much time to get first responders to you! AOTSGU-1 is just one step in that direction.

What Does Shooter/Attack Certified Mean?

Armoured One's Tactical Security Glass is the first glass to be tested with a standard based on the history of active shooters. This test is designed to simulate an average active shooter scenario. Other timed tests utilizing bricks, hammers, or
other objects, which are not realistic and opens up liability, as these objects are not typically used in an active shooter scenario and are performed without a repeat standard of force.

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