Shooter/Attack/Bomb Resistant Security Glass

Glass windows are the weakest part of a school building and leaves attackers with easy access to harming students and faculty. Armoured One carries a full line of shooter/attack certified, bullet resistant, bomb resistant, and shatter resistant glass. See below our latest products for glass security.

AOTSG-416L: 1/4" Shooter/Attack/Bomb Resistant Glass

This is our thinnest glass we offer that carries both shooter/attack certifications and bomb resistant certifications. Our Armoured One’s Tactical Security Glass 416L is a quarter inch thick laminated single pane glass. Learn More About AOTSG-416L Here!

AOTSG-816L: 1/2" Shooter/Attack/Bomb Resistant Glass

Armoured One's Tactical Security Glass 816L is a half inch laminated single pane that is shooter/attack certified and bomb resistant. This is a stronger version of our AOTSG416L. This can also be used in a frameless door application.  Learn More About AOTSG816L Here!

AOTSG-1: 1" Shooter/Attack/Bomb Resistant Insulated Glass

Typically when it comes to security glass, you find yourself compromising energy efficiency. With Armoured One’s Tactical Security Insulated Glass Units, there is no need to compromise. AOTSG-1 is a shooter/attack certified and bomb resistant insulated glass unit that can still fit into one inch frames! Learn More About AOTSG-1 Here!

Shooter/Attack/Bomb Resistant Films

Armoured One security film when applied to glass can make the existing glass you have already in place shooter/attack certified. This option is great, to increase security without having all the additional expense of construction costs or changing out glass frames. Learn More About Security Laminates Here!