Shifting in Crisis: COVID-19 Face Shield Production

It’s no surprise that many companies have had to shift their focus due to COVID-19 and the attached uncertainty. Face shields and masks became necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) at both a private and public level. When COVID-19 threatened to impact operations at Armoured One, our leadership team decided to do something different to continue their mission to save lives. Their solution was simple: repurpose a line of our film and part of our building to manufacture face shields.

Face shields are an excellent solution when used in conjunction with face masks to protect individuals in many settings. Whether medical facilities, schools, supermarkets, or businesses, these film shields provide an extra layer to keep people safe from the spread of the virus.

Manufacturing in the United States

Rather than outsourcing our manufacturing, we’ve brought all the materials for the face shields on site. Not only have we sourced all our materials from inside the United States, we’ve been able to hire a team of full-time employees to help us assemble and meet the growing demand for COVID-19 prevention in public. This team works hard to assemble all our COVID-19 face shields by hand, ensuring each shield meets our quality standards and is free from defects.

Armoured One COVID-19 face shields come in different quantity packs. They are available in a 9” standard-length option or a 13” full-length option. Customers can customize face shields with their own logos and colors to fit in any professional or personal setting. We also provide an option for customers to donate face shields to help their schools or businesses protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Connection to the Past

Armoured One sits in the former warehouse and factory of the Lennox Furnace Company. Armoured One shifted operations to manufacture face shields to help with the COVID-19 global pandemic. Lennox Furnace shifted operations during a different global crisis. During World War II, Lennox Furnace began providing heating and cooling products for the military and manufactured precision parts for airplanes and bombs to support the war effort. A company’s ability to pivot to meet a growing demand, especially during a time of crisis, is critical to their growth.

We are happy to follow in the footsteps of American manufacturers before us. Our mission at Armoured One has been and will continue to be to save lives. Manufacturing COVID-19 face shields was a natural pivot for our company. We can continue that mission while providing jobs in the local economy. We are also contributing to the Made in America movement.t our mission while protecting yourself and your community.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re interested in purchasing or donating COVID-19 face shields, contact us today!