As the premier active shooter preparedness company in the world, we’ve always focused our efforts on helping schools be one step ahead of attacks. What started with training has become a full-service company with training, assessments, bullet-resistant glass and film, and a network of subject matter experts and corporate partners. While the business has expanded into multiple divisions, training has remained at the very core of what we do.

Who is ONE Training?

A couple of years ago, we launched ONE Training, a separate, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, to deliver our active shooter training more broadly across the country. ONE not only stands for Our Nation’s Experts, it alludes to the fact that active shooter training should be the number ONE priority for organizations to help protect their people. As a nonprofit, ONE donates training to organizations around the country that would otherwise be unable to afford this proactive measure. Individuals and businesses can also donate to ONE to help provide training to those disadvantaged communities.

Led by a former educator, ONE’s goal is to ensure a safe return home for our loved ones. They have developed a team of trainers across the country who come from numerous backgrounds in physical security including law enforcement, education, and special forces military. These experts are able to draw from their expertise and our customized curriculum to ensure that our training is empowering and effective. When organizations bring in ONE Training, they can rest assured that they’ve hired a team that will make their teams feel prepared and confident to respond appropriately in an attack.

Why Active Shooter Training First?

Simply put, training is effective and inexpensive compared to some of the alternatives. It focuses on preparedness for a potential situation. When you fly on a plane, flight attendants always provide a safety demonstration before taking off. This demonstration provides realistic measures that passengers can take in the event of a crash. Similarly, ONE provides participants with realistic, battle-tested tactics that they can employ at the very onset of an active shooter attack that can and has helped save lives.

Training is an excellent first step in keeping an attacker at bay. When taught properly, training empowers participants to:

Training can be customized to unique circumstances or roles within an organization. For instance, varied training for teachers, transportation professionals, and greeters or front-office staff. This provides them with their own unique set of steps and tactics in order to keep themselves safe or keep an attacker at bay.

Training also has a broad and accessible application. While in person is always ideal, online courses allow ONE to reach more people across the country, especially in times where travel and in-person opportunities are limited. Customized training can be provided through a combination of virtual live and online programming that allows participants to ask questions and get answers in real time.

Take ONE Step Forward

If you are looking to empower and prepare your staff for an active shooter attack, reach out to ONE Training today. They will discuss your specific needs and create a customized training solution to meet your organization where it’s at. It’s not a matter of if, but when. And, until we can prevent these attacks, we have to prepare for them.