There is no such thing as too safe.

Gunfire, chaos, and fear.

One of the most terrifying and deadliest scenarios schools and other public places around the country are facing today is an active shooter.
Buildings are required to be up to fire code, but knowing that on average a person is shot every sixty seconds in an active shooter attack,
what is being done to keep people safe from an active shooter?


We pride ourselves on using evidence-based strategies and proven techniques to offer the best solutions to protect against an active shooter attack.

  • Designed by active shooter industry experts.
  • Products are military/police grade.
  • Recommendations are based on real-life experiences with shooters and the study of the history of active shooters at schools.
  • We are the only company that utilizes so many different experts for Security Assessments.
  • Armoured One LLC is the first security glass and film to be tested with a standard based on the history of active shooters.
  • Armoured One LLC’s Security Film and Glass are the first to pass testing based on the Shooter Attack test method.
  • 23MIL film is the thickest on the market. 

Preparation is a critical measure every organization should take when dealing with active shooter scenarios.

There is no such thing as “too safe” when it comes to protecting lives.