ONE Training: Taking Active Shooter Preparedness Online

COVID-19 has caused a major shift to online learning across the globe. From elementary and secondary education to niche markets, finding a solution to delivering content became the critical focus. While colleges and professionals have been delivering online courses for years, the global pandemic challenged many other businesses and educational institutions to figure out a way to deliver their expertise to their customers. The benefit is that now there is more information available to more people than before because of the influx of online programming.

Our Nation’s Experts (ONE) Training took the opportunity to address a different concern. Quarantine has created an unprecedented experience for children and teens and because of that, they took their training levels online to help continue protecting schools.

Mental Health Concerns

Since March, quarantine has meant that children and teens have experienced long-term social isolation. Mixed with issues like depression, anxiety, and a host of other issues that might be present in their homes, the likelihood of self-harm or the harm of others increases. Mental health concerns were heightened due to the stress and uncertainty around COVID-19, the lack of structure that school traditionally provided, as well as the lack of support many students receive from the faculty and staff in schools.

Online Active Shooter Training to Save Lives

From the start, ONE Training has focused on the safety of the faculty, staff, and students in schools in the instance of an active shooter attack. As students returned to school this fall, it was clear that COVID-19 safety took center stage, leaving other forms of safety and security on the sidelines, including active shooter prevention. The mix of mental health issues combined with heavy media focus on other big issues, the likelihood of an active shooter incident this fall was likely.

In order to meet the safety and security needs of school districts, while offering COVID-19 compliant trainings, ONE Training rolled out an online program. Active shooter training can now be accessed across the country at an affordable price-point as districts figure out their budgets. With an online platform, school faculty and staff can move through the content on their own time, at their own speed, and can even repeat different videos and sections, an option not offered in the in-person trainings. To make it interactive, there are sections to leave comments or chat with peers and ONE Training staff will be available to answer questions.

Training Options & Expertise

ONE Training offers multiple forms of active shooter prevention training. Not only are there multiple levels for faculty and staff, there are also options for bus drivers and building greeters.

ONE Training’s courses were created with the expertise of Subject Matter Experts from the FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, NYS Homeland Security, Navy SEALs, Delta Force Operators, and law enforcement detectives.

To learn more about properly training your team in this unprecedented time, contact our team today!