As the election has taken center stage over the past couple of months, many lawmakers have submitted bill proposals in order to serve the requests of their constituents and communities. One such individual is Texas Senator Cesar Blanco who has submitted senate bills related to gun laws and active shooter drills. While many are calling for gun reform, the concern over active shooter drills stands out. In his bill proposal, S.B. No. 168 – relating to active shooter drills conducted by public schools – Senator Blanco advocates for guidelines that outline how public schools can perform active shooter drills in their schools without having a negative emotional impact on students.


While it’s important for schools to consider active shooter preparedness, ONE Training takes a different approach to these types of events. Rather than creating laws to minimize the impact on students during drills, ONE advocates for removing students from participating in the training altogether. The National Education Association, cited that shooter attack drills that simulate real experiences are incredibly traumatic, especially considering many young children are unable to distinguish between real and fictional situations.

ONE Training focuses on preparing school faculty and staff to appropriately and effectively respond in the instance an active shooter attack occurs in their school. According to research by the National Safety & Security Protection Association (NSSPA), 83% of active shooters in schools were current or former students. By including students in these types of drills, schools are inadvertently showing potential attackers how teachers and students will respond. This could lead to even more dire consequences than if students were excluded from training completely.

ONE Training Offers Effective Active Shooter Training

Similar to how airlines equip flight attendants to react in the instance a crash is inevitable, ONE Training equips school faculty and staff, as well as administrators and employees within businesses, how to react in the instance an active shooter attack occurs. It’s not enough to say that it’s such a rare occurrence that it won’t happen to me. Regardless of how rare the incidents are, attacks still happen and schools and businesses can prepare.

For the Education sector, ONE Training offers a number of training options for the right team members.

  • Level I: Mindset of a Survivor – Introductory course designed to empower teams with response confidence; focuses on mindset, awareness, and stress management during life-threatening incidents. 
  • Level 2: 8 Minutes – Trainees put the mindset and stress management training into practice, while refining critical decision-making by participating in hands-on tactical response training through varying shooter scenarios. 
  • Level 3: The Power of Choice – Trainees learn how to identify and act on the many opportunities to survive and save lives during an active shootin; learn what it takes to move forward in the wake of tragedy, and work with ONE trainers to develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan for their classrooms and schools.
  • Bus Training – A bus is mobile and presents its own unique set of challenges; this course covers the importance of awareness and mindset as it relates to active shooter situations in a transportation setting; trainees review case studies and discuss what options drivers have to better safeguard themselves and those in their care. 
  • Greeter Training – This course addresses the security and safety threats a greeter faces being at the forefront of a building or facility; training strategies are designed to help greeters understand the options they have in an active shooter event and how to use current best practices to decrease injury and loss of life. 


Contact our team to discuss your school or business and we will work to create a custom program that meets your specific needs. Learn more about our different offerings on our website, here.