Active Shooter Training

for K-12 Schools

Our training was created by SWAT Team Operators, Homeland Security Active Shooter Experts, a former Navy Seal Master Chief, a Delta Force Team Leader, former FBI Agents, former Secret Service Agents, psychologists and teachers. We are the only company utilizing various experts for active shooter training for civilians, which sets us apart from our competition. Armoured One's Active Shooter training program is uniquely created to educate the public in their schools.

Deadly attacks on schools has increased over the past 20 years and schools need to adapt from these attacks. Our goal is to empower your staff by instructing them on how to survive an active shooter attack. Armoured One pushes for every single staff member to be trained in a facility, as you never know where or when an attacker will strike. We offer 4 levels of training to build confidence in your faculty at each and every level.

Armoured One has visited hundreds of schools across the country.

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Level 1 Training

Mindset of a Survivor

Mindset of a Survivor is a 3 hour presentation that is designed to empower staff members and give them the confidence to effectively respond to an active shooter incident.

We accomplish this by having a thorough, interactive discussion of relevant topics that begins with the history of active shooter incidents and associated statistics. We also discuss how important mindset and awareness are during these events. Prevention is a key component to the safety of schools and is an integral part of our training. We thoroughly discuss staff members options in an active shooter event (run-hide-barricade-fight). Just as important as knowing your options is how to choose those options under stress in a critical incident. We discuss how stress effects people and how to mitigate those effects as well as what the critical decision making process is so you can react appropriately in these situations.

Developed and taught by SWAT Team Operators, Homeland Security, retired Navy SEALs or retired Delta Force Operators. We utilize Professional Development Days at the school districts. This level can qualify to be done for FREE*

*To learn more about this, contact us.

Level 2 Training

8 Minutes

Our level 2 training, “8 minutes” is a two hour hands on practical training that is designed to pick up where Level 1 “Mindset of a Survivor" left off. We split your staff members up into groups of approximately 30 and do our training throughout your classrooms. We discuss in even more detail your options (run-hide-barricade-fight) and the decision making process behind choosing the “Best option for YOU at the time and YOUR location”. This discussion includes the differences between having a classroom on the first floor with 1st graders vs. a classroom on the second floor with high school students vs. a classroom with students with disabilities or special needs and all of the variations in between.

We have your staff members practice barricading the door (by actually moving desks and chairs) and then review how well the barricade worked (or didn’t work) as well as how well the “teacher” took control of the class and accomplished what was necessary. As classrooms are often set up differently, staff members will be asked to picture themselves in their normal work setting and think of how they could make their space safer. What would they have available to barricade the door based on their environment. We also have a discussion on what to do if an attacker is coming into their room. We review what the best way to get set up on the door would be, what items in a classroom could be used as weapons against an attacker and what the most effective way is to control the weapon that the attacker has.

*Note – depending on the length of time between level 1 and level 2 we highly suggest having a 45 minute to 1 hour review of our level 1 material to get everyone back on the same page and get their mindset back into this training.

Level 3 Training

Power of Choice

Our level 3 training consists of an interactive discussion between our subject matter experts and attendees. The focus of this training is to understand that there is no one solution to ensure safety for your school, rather there are a multitude of solutions that need to be implemented. This training allows time for staff to develop building and classroom/location specific Emergency Preparedness Plans. We will begin by briefly reviewing pertinent information from Level 1 and Level 2 training in a large group setting. This will be followed by a presentation from Kaitlin Roig-Debellis (1st grade teacher whom survived the Sandy Hook and saved the lives of 15 students). She will lead a discussion on the impact that an Active Shooter incident has on students, staff and community. She will also discuss the recovery efforts after an incident and what it takes to move forward after a tragedy. Prior to our review, designated group leaders will be given 5 discussion questions to be addressed following the active shooter training review and guest speaker. In these small group breakouts, staff will be given time to determine the best Emergency Preparedness Plans using an outline provided by Armoured One. During the small group breakouts Armoured One staff will be available to answer questions and/or address concerns that arise. Armoured One will review all Emergency Preparedness Plans created by the district.

Level 4 Training

Reality Based Attack

Our level 4 training is a scenario based training. We will conduct an active shooter attack scenario in which your staff members will respond as realistically as possible. This will include teachers, food service staff, custodial/maintenance staff and administrative personnel. Local Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS may participate also. This response will be coordinated, controlled and evaluated by Armoured One's staff. At the conclusion of the scenario, all personnel will be present for and participate in an After Action Review led by Armoured One's staff. This After Action Review will include a breakdown of how staff members responded, why they chose said response option, appropriate communication and accountability of staff and students. This will identify what was done properly and worked successfully which needs to be sustained for future training and policies. It will also identify areas that need improvement. For the areas that need improvement, an action plan will be discussed and developed to improve the response capabilities of the school and staff members.

As the challenge of school safety becomes more important than ever, I can only say positive things about the highly professional and empowering services of Armoured One. Their recent presentations at Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES offered historical context on the issue of school violence as well as practical, pro-active advice to help our staff become more informed and better prepared in the event of a school emergency. The professionals at Armoured One demonstrated their true concern for students and staff and shared their wealth of expertise in a clear and sensitive way. I highly recommend them for any educational setting.

As Chairman of Public Safety for County Legislature over the last 4 years, father of four kids in the district (three recently graduated) and the husband of an employee, thank you for the investments of time and resources to improve everyone’s safety.

It’s an unfortunate and deeply troubling issue, but I can’t think of anything more worthwhile.

While everyone in the country debates ideas to solve the problem, it’s great to see your team doing things to make a difference in the here and now—that’s what leaders do.


I wanted to write to you to express my appreciation and gratitude for your commitment to student safety and training for teachers.  Although I know that there are numerous other professional development opportunities that would be of extreme importance with regards to curriculum and instruction, your decisions to focus on student and staff safety is greatly appreciated.  

The experiences that I have had with the training with Armoured One were all very positive.  As a teacher, I feel empowered and feel as though in a horrible situation, I would have a plan.  As a mother with children in the district, I feel that you have made their safety a priority and I know that all teachers see themselves as the first responders and protectors and would fight to save the lives of our children.


It was needed and timely! One of the most useful professional workshops in 25+ years!