honoring the past and building for the future.

Armoured One LLC was founded in December 2012, by Tom Czyz, a retired homicide detective, SWAT team operator, and father who was driven to take action after the Sandy Hook Elementary attack. Since then, Tom Czyz and Co-Founder, Tino Amodei, have put together a team of experts, who are devoted to protecting people from gun violence.

In order to expand their capabilities, Armoured One LLC purchased the old Lennox Furnace Factory in 2018. They planned a $5.4 million renovation of its facility at 382-386 N. Midler Ave. in Syracuse so that they could expand production of security glass and create new jobs.



Lennox kept us warm, Armoured One LLC keeps us safe.

As a committed leader of safety and security efforts, when COVID-19 hit Armoured One LLC took quick action by repurposing a portion of their manufacturing line to create face shields in order to assist in the fight against the virus. 

Historically speaking, Armoured One LLC’s shift in manufacturing falls in line with their buildings’ predecessor, Lennox Furnace Factory. In 1895, Dave Lennox built the world’s first riveted-steel furnace which was a significant advancement in the industry. Lennox coupled this technology with a new way of marketing, and by 1904 he was selling his equipment directly to installers – cutting out any middlemen and making the process more personal and cost-effective.

By 1923, Lennox experienced its first expansion by building a warehouse in Syracuse, New York. During World War II, Lennox revamped its operations and retooled their factories to be more instrumental in supporting the war effort overseas. Armoured One LLC, like Lennox, created innovative technology and products to serve and protect their fellow citizens. Lennox kept us warm, Armoured One LLC keeps us safe. Both kept us prepared.

devoted to protecting people from gun violence

The value Armoured One LLC brings takes many forms: manufacturing and installing shooter attack and bomb-proof glass and window film; providing active shooter training created by current and former defense personnel and experts (such as SWAT Team Operators, Homeland Security Active Shooter Experts, a former Navy SEAL Master Chief, a Delta Force Team Leader, former FBI Agents, and former Secret Service agents, psychologists, and teachers), and conducting physical security risk assessments in schools, colleges, and universities across the country.

Armoured One LLC also studies the history of past attacks to develop better products and continuously improve its training and assessments.

One Training’s specialized active shooter programs has been provided to hundreds of schools that are unable to afford it in the form of a 501(c)(3) donation. They are also sponsors of the National Safety Security Protection Association (NSSPA), which hold summits at the Armoured One LLC Headquarters in a long-term effort to make active shooter codes as necessary as fire codes in schools.

Our CEO, Tom Czyz, is opposed to staging realistic or frightening training sessions or drills and they do not include students in the program. Studies have shown that nearly 83% of attackers on schools are current or former students.

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