Active Shooter Training

for Healthcare Facilities

We recognize the unique challenges associated with Health Care Facilities. This can include both elderly and immobile patients along with the need to balance security while keeping the hospital setting a welcome environment for patients , visitors and staff members.

Active Shooter Response for Health Care Facilities is designed to empower staff members and give them the confidence to effectively respond to an Active Shooter incident.

We accomplish this by having a thorough interactive discussion of relevant topics that begins with the history of active shooter incidents and associated statistics. We also discuss how important mindset and awareness are during these events. Prevention is a key component to the safety of your facilities and is an integral part of our training. We thoroughly discuss staff members options in an active shooter event (run-hide-barricade-fight).

Just as important as knowing your options is also knowing how to choose the best options under stress during a critical incident. We discuss how stress effects people and how to mitigate those effects as well as what the critical decision making process is so you can react appropriately in these situations.

Developed and taught by SWAT Team Operators, Homeland Security, retired Navy SEALs or retired Delta Force Operators.

Armoured One has helped many healthcare facilities across the country.

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