Active Shooter Training

for Greeters

Armoured One’s Greeter Training & Development course is designed to enhance security within a greeter entrance/office of a school building or facility. Due to the rise in concern for safety and protection, it has become necessary for schools, businesses and hospitals to create a single point of entry. Our Greeter training prepares those persons placed at the first line of defense, with both the interpersonal and practical skills needed to properly maintain safety when individuals seek access to a building.

Armoured One has visited hundreds of schools across the country.

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This training course will address potential security and safety threats a greeter may face within the entrance of a building or facility, and provide strategies and approaches to decrease and/or prevent violent exposure. It includes a variety of learning experiences such as lecture, class discussion, role-playing and culminates with a written test and certification.


Benefits of Greeter Training & Development:

Improve performance of greeters

  • Strengthen the ability to detect threats

  • Boost confidence of greeter’s ability to deescalate a potentially violent situation
Empower greeters


Training Outline:

  • The Goal of a Greeter

  • Greeter Role

  • Qualities of a Good Greeter

  • Developing Relationships

  • Professional Appearance

  • Observation Skills

  • Job Performances

  • Types of Communication

  • Situational Awareness

  • Surroundings

  • Notification
Mindset of a Greeter

  • Knowledge of Your Options

  • Stress

  • Fight or Flight