COVID-19: Armoured One Produces Face Shields to Protect Frontline Workers

At Armoured One, we are known for our commitment to safeguarding schools from active shooters. As a committed leader of safety and security efforts, Armoured One took quick action amid COVID-19 by repurposing the protective film used to produce bullet and bomb-resistant glass into 15” shields in response to the shortage of protective equipment for America’s healthcare workers, police, and our first responders. Our CEO, Tom Czyz states, “All of our employees at Armoured One are personally invested in getting these supplies from the warehouse table into the hands of those who need them most.” He continues, “A lot of our employees are first responders, whether they are former or working now or military personnel.”

Armoured One is accelerating its production of face shields to meet the growing demand, as officials look for avenues to stimulate the scarcity of PPE supplies amid COVID-19. It takes a whole team to produce these essential and potentially life-saving masks/equipment, the defense company was able to pay these essential employees as the recipients of the SBA PPP loan. Similar to most companies in America, Czyz expresses his concern, “we were truly concerned about the pandemic and consequent economic shutdown and how it would impact our staff financially. Our staff has become our family because they are invested in carrying out our mission of saving lives.”

Tom Czyz was recently featured in Forbes discussing the need for increased supply and storage of PPE equipment in order to be better prepared for inevitable pandemic outbreaks in the future. In the article, Tom states, “It is clear that the demand for PPE is immense and will take months to restock. In speaking with politicians, they are demanding that the US has a stockpile in the future to prevent this from happening again.”

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