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Giving Back: Face Shields for Front-Line Workers & Emergency Responders

Armoured One’s mission has always been driven by saving lives. What originally started as saving lives against active shooter attacks has shifted into saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. When COVID-19 shut down states across the country, Armoured One changed part of our manufacturing operations to make face shields. These shields were intended to provide an additional layer of protection for those working on the front line in stores, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Quickly, however, the need for shields increased as businesses began reopen and school districts prepared for the fall.

Face Shield Give-Back Program

Armoured One has been a big supporter of the local community since its founding in 2012. Our building was purchased at auction so that we could save a part of Syracuse’s history and help revitalize the community. In a similar vein, Armoured One has implemented a face shield give-back program. Over the coming weeks, we will be opening up opportunities for community members to nominate non-profits, front-line companies or organizations, and emergency response groups to receive free COVID-19 face shields. In order to nominate a group, just follow Armoured One’s social media accounts (found below) and leave comments on the posts asking for nominations. It’s that easy! Our team will then randomly select one group from the comments to receive the shields.

Donating Is Always an Option

While Armoured One will be giving away COVID-19 face shields, we offer the opportunity for individuals to donate face shields as well. On our website, individuals can purchase packs of face shields and have them shipped directly to the company, school, non-profit, or emergency response group of their choosing. Additionally, with every 6-pack face shield purchase, Armoured One will be donating face shields to a community organization.

This is a great option for parents whose children are back in schools this fall. School district budgets are primarily being focused on COVID-19 safety but they do have a number of other considerations, including how to offer online options. Community members can help fund COVID-19 personal protective equipment by donating boxes of shields to their schools.

Why Face Shields?

Face shields offer an added layer of protection against the spread of COVID-19 especially when used in combination with a face mask. Armoured One already worked in manufacturing with film-based products so it was a natural pivot when COVID-19 first started shutting down New York State. You can learn more about that shift in manufacturing operations here.

Protecting the community has always been a big focus at Armoured One. A number of our team members are current or former volunteer firefighters and other emergency response personnel so their protection is important to our team.

Let Us Help!

If you are interested in donating shields to an organization in your community, you can visit our website and contact us today. And don’t forget to follow us on social media: