Employee Spotlight: Christina Lackey

We are back with our employee spotlights! Our newest feature is Christina Lackey, Director of Instruction for ONE Training. For those that don’t know, ONE Training is our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides empowering, positive, and life-changing active shooter training for schools and businesses alike. Christina, along with ONE President Maria Czyz, has been a driving force in revamping our curriculum and taking our training programs online.
Christina grew up in the Syracuse suburb Liverpool, NY and attended LeMoyne College which is just minutes from our Syracuse headquarters. She and her husband have four kids, Abby (16), Grace (15), Chris (13), and Jack (10).  Christina is always involved, whether volunteering or helping in some way, with her kids activities like competitive dance, winter guard, soccer, and lacrosse. As a family, they spend a lot of time outdoors and traveling.
Prior to her work at ONE Training, Christina worked in both education and real estate. She spent fifteen years in real estate while also tutoring in a one-on-one capacity. She then returned to education and took on a long-term substitute role in fifth grade. Christina continues to help people buy and sell homes because she loves teaching each client as much as she can about the process. As she said, “I believe that when people understand things better, they can make better choices and experience more success.” Christina takes this same approach in her work, ensuring that we provide the best active shooter training on the market.
Christina was immediately drawn to Armoured One because of our mission. She said, “As a mom, a former teacher, and a citizen, it pains me to know that lives are ever lost in schools. School should be a safe, secure, and happy place and kids should not have to take on the worry that they may be hurt or even killed there. Parents should know that their children are safe every day as they learn and grow, and teachers and staff need to be able to focus on teaching. I am proud to get up every day and play some small part in the major effort to end the story of active shooters in America.” To us, her part is not small and she’s positively impacting and saving lives daily.
If you were to ask Christina what she does at Armoured One, she would tell you she’s a translator. Her biggest focus in the day-to-day is learning and understanding the wealth of information that our subject matter experts in law enforcement, military, and physical security fields provide. This thorough understanding allows her to reframe and repackage the information she learns in a way that teachers and other civilians can comprehend and use it to save lives if they are ever in a situation where they need to.
For the remainder of 2021, Christina is looking forward to reaching more people. She said, “I truly feel that every person who works in a school, healthcare, or corporate setting should be trained and empowered to take action in an active shooter situation.” Her work getting our training online, between compiling the curriculum, writing the scripts, filming the content, leading the editing, and getting it into an online platform, will absolutely allow the ONE team to impact lives across the country.
Thank you, Christina, for all that you have done and continue to do in protecting lives from active shooter attacks. By making our training more accessible, our potential to reach lives across the nation is limitless.

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