Employee Spotlight: Tracy Haynes

This week in our Meet the Team series, we’d like to introduce you to Tracy Haynes, an Account Manager with our Estimates team.

A Little Background

Tracy grew up on a dairy farm where the nine-to-five workday didn’t exist. He was taught to get up early, be on time, and work hard until the job was done. It’s clear to us all that Tracy exhibits this same commitment to his work at Armoured One. Prior to Armoured One, Tracy worked in the truck aftermarket accessory industry which consisted of manufacturing, wholesale, and retail sales. After more than twenty years, Tracy made the move to become a valuable member of our team. 

Why Armoured One?

Many people spend their career working for a company whose main focus is to make money and whose employees aren’t challenged to move beyond the status quo. But, some of us are lucky enough to work for a company and with colleagues whose values run deeper. There were several factors that drew Tracy to Armoured One. First and foremost, Tracy loved the company’s mission to save lives from an active shooter attack. His oldest child is a teacher and soon his grandchildren will be attending school in the same district. It adds an element of comfort knowing that our company is doing the work to protect people like his kids and grandkids. Tracy was also taken by the vision of Co-Founders Tom Czyz and Tino Amodei and the innovative team members that he gets to work alongside every day. Having a great team to work with makes supporting the mission even better. Finally, Tracy says that the, “shooter-attack glass and film we offer is a way cool product!”

Tracy’s Role at Armoured One

Tracy’s title is Account Manager but his responsibilities go much further. On a day to day basis, Tracy is responsible for quoting customer requests for Armoured One’s Shooter-Attack Certified Glass and Film. In addition to quotes, he processes purchase orders in order to begin and schedule the production team. Tracy also lends a hand in the production and shipping processes to ensure customers receive their product in a timely manner, with stellar communication, and with the utmost respect. When he’s not busy quoting and on the production floor, Tracy handles phone calls, emails, answers customer questions, and provides order updates. 

Of his work at Armoured One, Tracy said, “One of my proudest moments was being deemed an essential employee…because I was told I am a utility player.”

Looking Forward

Tracy is looking forward to an end to the pandemic so that business and life can move forward in 2021. He also says he’s looking forward to, “Iron Maiden getting back on tour. Bucket list, you know?”

As a small business it’s important for us to have employees that are willing to shift responsibilities and schedules to help with our growth. Since he started with us, Tracy has been one of those employees who is always willing to help out where needed in order for us to get the job done. He is, in fact, a utility player and we could not do what we do without employees like him. Thank you for your hard work, Tracy!

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