Paul Bisson

This week, we would like to recognize Paul Bisson, National Project Manager for our film installation team. Paul is not only part of the Armoured One LLC family, he has been part of our CEO Tom Czyz’s family for years, having known him since they were kids.

Paul grew up in Baldwinsville, New York and has been married to his wife, Jen, for 24 years. Paul and Jen have two wonderful children, Rebecca who works for the NY Mets and Justin who is getting ready to graduate from Syracuse University and sit for his CPA exam. Paul attributes his life influence to his parents. He says, “They have always been an example of how to be a good spouse and parent. They have taught me to work hard, always do the best job I can, no matter the task, and treat people the way I want to be treated.”

Prior to his time at Armoured One LLC, Paul worked at New Process Gear in the construction and HVAC fields, before moving on to Johnstone Supply where he was a Technical Service Manager. His past professional experience has played a huge role in his work for Armoured One LLC, both onsite and across the country. Although Paul has known Tom for many years, it was the mission that really drew him to work for Armoured One LLC. He said, “I knew it wasn’t just a statement and that Tom and Tino truly believe it. Having children, I share the same concerns all parents do: wanting our children to be safe, especially in environments (like schools) where you shouldn’t have to worry.”

In his role at Armoured One LLC, Paul manages all film field installation jobs and coordinates the training of Armoured One LLC Certified Installers. Due to the proprietary design of our film product, Armoured One LLC requires that all installation teams across the country must be appropriately trained to ensure the integrity of the product. When he’s not on the road managing jobs or training, Paul also takes care of the HVAC mechanicals at the Syracuse headquarters and helps in a number of other ways around the warehouse. Paul loves the team that Armoured One LLC has assembled, with their varied and unique backgrounds and talents, that can come together to solve problems. Of his team, he says, “I am most proud of the work our installation team has done; their improvements to our tools and techniques to make a better experience for our customers. Way to go, Tim, Mike, Loudon, Clark, Bailey, and George!”

For the remainder of 2021, Paul is looking forward to getting back to normal (in general) and to see continued growth in the company. He’s looking forward to seeing the outcomes of partnerships Armoured One LLC has been cultivating over the past year and a half.

Paul, we are grateful to have you as part of the Armoured One LLC family. Thank you for all the hard work you continually do, and your dedication to the team both personally and professionally.