Next up in our Meet the Team series, the one and only Nanette Downie, our Director of Marketing & Communications. Learn more about Nan and her time at Armoured One LLC below.

A Little Background

Nan was born and raised in the Syracuse area and graduated from Cazenovia high school before going to college in Rochester, NY. After graduating, Nan started her career in radio and television, landing a job with Fox 68 News. It was during her time with Fox News that Nan received an Emmy nomination for some of her video editing work. With experience and accolades in hand, Nan made the big move out to Los Angeles to work more directly with film as a video editor for Cooke Pictures. After several years in video editing, Nan made a shift in her career to experiential marketing, becoming a product specialist for Subaru. During her 10 year career with Subaru, she had the opportunity to travel the country extensively, building great relationships along the way. This shift also allowed her to come home to be closer to her father who had become sick. Nan said, “my family and friends are my biggest influences in life. I’ve met some amazing people along the way and I’ve had the opportunity to do some really cool stuff. I even attended the Academy Awards in 2003 because my friend’s dad was in the Academy. “

Why Armoured One LLC?

In 2009, Nan had a part-time side job working for a local marketing company. It’s there that she met Tino Amodei, our Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. They both went on to leave that company but stayed in touch with one another. Days after the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, Nan and Tino met for lunch. During that meal, Tino told Nan about the company that he’d be starting with his friend Tom called Armoured One LLC.

As Nan explains, “It struck me in a way I couldn’t explain. In retrospect, I believe it was God. When the Sandy Hook attack occurred, I had nieces around those ages and it crippled me. I remember thinking, something needs to be done about this. As a country, we cannot subject our kids to this senseless violence anymore. At that time, I didn’t know I’d be a part of an actual solution. So, when Tino told me about Armoured One LLC I immediately knew I had to and would be involved in some capacity.”

Nan began working for Armoured One LLC part-time and remotely out of Florida, still working full-time for Subaru. Then, in the Spring of 2016, Tino asked her to come on full time which she happily accepted. Not only would she be able to come back to Syracuse to be closer to family, she would have the opportunity to work for a company whose mission she staunchly believed in. To date, Nan is our longest-standing employee.

Nan’s Role at Armoured One LLC

Nan’s roles over the past five and a half years have been vast and wide as she’s always willing to help out when and where needed. Primarily, however, Nan is responsible for running all of Armoured One LLC’s social media accounts, creating and updating all marketing materials for our four divisions, working with the team on new marketing and communications initiatives, organizing and hosting media inquiries, and coordinating video shoots with outside production companies. More recently, Nan has been using her video editing skills to edit all video content for Armoured One LLC, including our ONE Training online training videos.

Looking Forward

As someone who has been with the company for years, Nan has had the opportunity to watch Armoured One LLC grow and develop its many partnerships. Over the past year, she’s watched and participated with big companies like Masonite, QED, and EFCO. Nan says, “I’m excited to see these partnerships come to fruition. Also, our online training is great and I believe it will explode in 2021. Plus, fingers crossed the end of COVID?”

We are so grateful for committed and long-standing team members like Nan. Thank you for all you do – we love having you as part of our family.

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  1. Great write up, awesome subject! We love you, Nan and Armoured One. Making the world safer for our children could not be a more needed and valuable endeavor. Keep up the good work!

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