Over the course of 2021, we’re going to highlight different members of our team. It’s important to us that you know the names and faces behind our products and services, and ultimately, our family. To kick off this series, we’d like to introduce you to Eric Adydan, one of the valuable team members on our Glass Operations team.

A Little Background

Eric was born in Novgorod, Russia before being adopted by a family here in the United States, where he became an American citizen. He grew up right here in East Syracuse, NY and after graduating high school, Eric enlisted in the United States Navy. Unsure if he wanted to attend college, Eric decided that the Navy was a great way to see the world and gain some incredible experience. During his service, he became a Master-at-Arm (Military Police) and served the duration of his enlistment overseas. While his time in the military provided a new, better perspective in life, he decided to get out after his enlistment was up so that he could come home and figure out his next steps. Eric wouldn’t trade his military experience for anything and

The biggest influence in Eric’s life was his father. Over time, his dad became more like his best friend. He raised Eric on much of the music that Eric loves and still listens to today. He bought Eric his first guitar and let him do donuts in his car when he taught Eric how to drive. His role as a dad, husband, and business owner taught Eric a lot about life and inspired him to be an amazing guy, just like his dad.

Why Armoured One?

When Eric saw that Armoured One was hiring, he was intrigued. Having served as a Military Police officer, Eric was trained for active shooter scenarios and it was something that always weighed heavily on him. After meeting the team, the company’s values and atmosphere sold him on working with us.

He said, “to be a part of a company that is trying to save lives, that is doing something no one else is out there doing, is pretty incredible. You hear a lot of companies say that it’s like a family there, but rarely do they deliver on that statement. Armoured One is a company, though, that from day one delivered on that statement. It’s a company like no other and I’m very fortunate that life decided to hand me an opportunity with Armoured One.”

Eric’s Role at Armoured One

Our glass products are one-of-a-kind in both quality and performance. It’s imperative that we have a dedicated glass production team who ensures that integrity of the product is maintained during the manufacturing process. Eric plays a critical role on that team by helping to produce a finished product with the application of our shooter-attack certified, bullet-resistant film to our glass. On any given day, Eric is responsible for unloading glass pieces as they arrive, carefully inspecting, and inventorying every piece that comes into the shop. He works with his team to load the product into the washer, conveyed into the clean room, and sent through the laminator. On the other side, Eric inspects, trims, and labels each piece of glass before it’s shipped to its destination.

When Eric isn’t busy running glass, he’s always happy to step up and help out in other parts of the company. He’s assisted with putting together new machinery and equipment, preparing for customer and partner demos, or helping out with improvements around the shop.

Looking Forward

For the coming year, Eric is looking forward to seeing what Armoured One does next. There are a lot of exciting partnerships in the works meaning there’s room for process improvements, building updates, and team growth.

We are very proud of Eric for his hard work and dedication and grateful to have him as a part of the Armoured One family. Thanks, Eric!

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