Employee Spotlight: Clark Fields

This week in our Meet the Team series, we’d like to introduce you to Clark Fields, one of the integral team members on our Field Services team.

A Little Background

Clark is a native of Amarillo, Texas who moved to the Syracuse area in his teenage years where his father took a position as one of the head architects for the Carousel Mall development. In his early career, Clark worked for the Onondaga County Sheriff’s department in the jail system and as a part of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT). In his role, Clark handled inmate disturbances, riots, deputy emergencies, non-compliant inmates, the movement of high profile inmates throughout the jail, and the movement of high profile inmates to and from court and hospital visits. 

After leaving the Sheriff’s department, Clark served as a plant manager for McIntosh Box & Pallet in Rome, NY before getting licensed and starting his own home inspection business, Priority Home Inspections, LLC. While he still owns the company, he dedicates most of his time to his work with Armoured One LLC. As a teenager, Clark worked hard to obtain his black belt in Taekwondo and even spent time in his adult years training as an MMA fighter.

Clark has two daughters, Tiffanie and Skyler. He says, “they melt my heart everyday. I am definitely a proud father. They will never get just how much I love and adore them. They are the best thing to happen to me.” Clark says that his father, who was his best friend up until his death in 2006, had the biggest influence on Clark’s life and the man is today. Of their relationship, Clark says, “He molded me into the man I am today. He taught me how to be a man. He taught me that I should always have self-respect and respect for others. He taught me how to treat a woman with the utmost respect and how to be a good father. I wanted to be him as a child and I wanted to be him when I was an adult. I was truly lucky to have him in my life. He is missed every day.”

Why Armoured One LLC?

It’s difficult to comprehend that companies have to exist to protect kids in schools by applying film to windows and doors because of the threat of an active shooter. But, that’s exactly why Clark loves working for Armoured One LLC. He gets to be a part of a solution that is responsible for saving lives. Through his work as a certified installer and installer trainer, Clark helps to keep students, faculty, and staff safe in schools. Working for Armoured One LLC has allowed him to better understand the threat that active shooters pose and how his role directly contributes to keeping people safe.

Clark’s Role at Armoured One LLC

While Clark’s official title is Field Service Technician & Trainer, Clark’s work is much more complex. As a Field Service Technician, Clark is responsible for the intensive application of Armoured One LLC’s shooter-attack certified film to pre-existing doors and windows. Armoured One LLC’s film application is an accessible option for school districts that don’t have extensive budgets or large-scale capital projects in the works. The application of the film is more nuanced than the application of traditional security film products and must be applied by a certified installer. Clark is also a Certified Installer Trainer meaning his capabilities allow him to train new installation individuals and teams on the proper application process and finished product. As part of his work, Clark travels around the country with his team to apply Armoured One LLC’s film on school campuses. 

When he’s not on the road installing film or training new installers, Clark keeps busy at Armoured One LLC’s headquarters. On any given day you could find him renovating part of the building, fixing equipment, or contributing to a larger project onsite. Of his team, Clark says, “No matter how you look at it I am a part of a great team and would not change a thing.”

Looking Forward

Clark is most excited to get back on the road in 2021. With school shutdowns across the country, 2020 limited the amount of travel and install work that Clark and his team completed. With 2021 comes new opportunities and the ability to get out and do work to help save lives. Clark says, “It’s so rewarding when you walk away from a job and know that your work could save the lives of so many if something were to happen. I do that. I look back at the school or business when we are done and I feel proud that I have just installed a product that will save so many lives. I care about what I do and I care about the ones I have just protected. I feel honored and lucky to work for Armoured One LLC and to be a part of their mission.”

At Armoured One LLC, it’s important to us that our team members embody the mission and vision we have set. Clark is a perfect example of someone who not only loves what he does but also cares about the impact of his work. We are very proud to have Clark on our team and appreciate all of the hard work that he puts in on a daily basis. Thank you, Clark!