This week in our Meet the Team series, we’d like to introduce you to Alicia Hall, Office Manager here at Armoured One.

A Little Background

Alicia is a native of Central New York and an avid Syracuse University sports fan. She loves books more than movies and admits that she is NOT a pet person. She proudly picks glitter as her favorite color, loves the Enneagram (she’s a 6), and is always down for a great theme party. Alicia is family-oriented, and names hers as the most important and biggest influence in her life, second only to Jesus.

Why Armoured One?

As a member of Word of Life Assembly of God, pastored by our CEO’s dad, Alicia has known the Czyz family for over a decade. She has enjoyed following Armoured One’s successes through family updates and social media. Prior to coming to Armoured One full-time, Alicia was in a support position for Word of Life, as well as doing communications management and consulting (writing/editing/design). When an opening became available at our headquarters, Alicia jumped at the opportunity to work with our team and support our leadership.

Alicia believes in the Armoured One mission and appreciates the efforts we make to help schools and businesses become proactive and prepare for the event of an active shooter or targeted attack. As a loving aunt, Alicia advocates for safer school environments for the next generation, not just those in her family, but those in our community and beyond.

Alicia’s Role at Armoured One

Alicia handles all aspects of office administration and human resources at our NY headquarters, as well as provides support to our senior leadership. She is passionate about organization, efficiency, and valuing our employees. Her favorite part of her job is supporting our directors so that they can effectively lead their respective teams well.

Alicia loves visit coordination, project management, crafting quality emails, and truly enjoys a good spreadsheet. She’s definitely a jack of many trades here, so her days have a tendency to look very different than the one prior, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. If you give her a task, Alicia will ensure that it is completed efficiently and thoroughly.

Looking Forward

Alicia is looking forward to continuing to improve processes and provide support throughout the many projects and partnerships we have planned in 2021. She truly believes the best is yet to come for Armoured One and feels so honored to be a part of the team.

Alicia’s commitment to her work and her team is evident. We are grateful to have an office manager who enjoys solving problems, opening doors for better communication, and jumping in when needed. As a growing company, it’s critical that we have team members who are flexible and able to keep up with the demanding workload. Thank you, Alicia!

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