The DefendrTM Door System


Protecting every classroom and keeping your kids safe and alive is our goal.

On Valentine’s Day 2018 a gunman entered Parkland High School’s building 12 and was able to kill 17 and injure 17.  The attacker was able to get his gun beyond the closed and locked doorway. Sadly, students and staff were shot in their classroom. The goal of the Attack Resistant Shooter Attack tested door is to offer an affordable assembly that can slow down the attacker to protect our loved ones beyond that door. If we can slow down the attack and speed up the police response, we will be able to save lives.

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission and the National Association of State Fire Marshals recommend school doors be equipped with locks that can be secured from the inside of the room. Because locks can be disengaged by breaking through the glass, entire door openings should be considered to enhance student and teacher safety. Schools should consider the location, type, and size of the windows within the door when installing a lock system.

An Affordable Solution

Masonite Architectural has partnered with Armoured One LLC to create an attack resistant door opening called the DefendrTM Door System. These door system components work together to add valuable time for occupants to react and police to respond by delaying an active shooter from entering a room.

The DefendrTM Door System is designed to be affordable, allowing for specification and installment in more openings—because every school deserves a higher level of protection. Our goal was to also keep the same aesthetics that would bring comfort to our children. We do not want our schools and businesses to look like a prison. Our other goal is to make the heightened security less noticeable to the attacker. If the attackers know or see security measures, they will plan around them. We want to disrupt the attacker and ruin his plans to injure and kill.

Shooter Attack Test Method

The Masonite DefendrTM  Door System Solution is designed to resist up to 237J of force after bullet degradation.

The Shooter Attack Test Method used to test the product is not currently an industry or government published standard; however, it is based on two recognized test standards (UL 752 Level 7 / ASTM F476) that were modified and combined per recommendations from law enforcement, homeland security, and active shooter subject matter experts. This test method was 3rd party observed.


These components working together as a tested assembly provide layers of protection needed to delay an attacker.

  • Core Door: The attack resistant door solution utilizes an extra heavy-duty particleboard or structural composite lumber core for added strength.
  • Armoured One LLC Glass: Armoured One LLC’s 5/16” security glass, when placed in recommended location, will slow down or deter an attacker who is trying to gain entry through the glass with force or a gun.
  • Metal Vision Kit: The Metal Vision Kit manufactured by All Metal Stamping is through bolted for added strength.
  • Hardware: ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Hardware mortise lock with latch bolt, deadbolt, and escutcheon plate.
  • Metal Frame: A standard metal frame strengthens the total opening solution.

DefendrTM Door System

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