Active Shooter Training

for Business'

The safety and security of your employees is of the utmost importance. Our Active Shooter trainers are experts in the field to include; Law Enforcement, SWAT, Homeland Security and former Military Special Operations personnel. Our knowledge and experience is unparalleled. We base our training off the federal guidelines for an active shooter response. Our training includes the response options of Run – Hide – Barricade – Fight.

Armoured One has the ability customize training to meet the needs of our clients. We understand the difference in various work environments such as office space, cubicles, production/manufacturing areas as well as sensitive and high security areas. Our experience gives us an understanding on how that affects your employees decision making process.

Our training can include presentations, performing a “walk through” of areas with employees as well as hands on training.

Prior to any training we work with corporate management to ensure we are meeting your needs and complying with your policies and procedures.

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Armoured One has visited hundreds of business' across the country.