Active Shooter Training

for Buses

Our specialized bus training is for all transportation staff members to include drivers, attendants, mechanics, communications and office staff. The training starts with a one hour presentation for everyone. We will discuss the importance of awareness and mindset as it relates to active shooter incidents. We review case studies from actual school bus incidents which includes a hostage situation from Alabama and a hijacking from Arkansas. Then we discuss what options drivers have depending on the circumstances. What options do they have if they see something before the attacker gets on the bus, what are the options if they notice something as an attacker is getting on the bus and what options are there if the attacker is on the bus and the bus is in motion.

From there we move the drivers and attendants onto buses for the practical portion which is approximately two hours. The practical portion includes the most effective way to do an emergency stop to disrupt an attacker who is on the bus. We do emergency stops at various speeds so the drivers understand how the bus reacts at those speeds. We also have the drivers perform hard swerves to disrupt an attacker who is on the bus.

Once a driver has disrupted an attacker they need to take advantage of that quickly to control the attacker. We show the drivers and attendants the most effective way to get and maintain control of the attacker. We also demonstrate how long it takes to secure a bus and drive off if the driver notices a potential problem. There is a discussion on communication procedures, road conditions, keeping a potential problem away from the school, bypassing a stop and interacting with Law Enforcement.

Armoured One has helped train hundreds of transportation companies across the country.

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