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In a world that seems to be changing every day, one thing that hasn’t budged is Armoured One LLC’s commitment to its Mission and Vision. Take a look at our Mission and Vision statements below and read about our continued commitment to both and how we plan to get there in the coming year.

Armoured One LLC’s Mission: Save Lives from an Active Shooter Attack

From day one, our mission has been to save lives from an active shooter attack. While schools were our primary focus for years, we have expanded that mission to serve healthcare facilities, businesses, and organizations across the country. Our company was started after the deadly attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School which left twenty first-graders and six staff members dead. Twenty six and seven years olds, murdered in cold blood, in an environment where they were supposed to be safe. In a community that never believed something so sinister could happen there.

As a company, it’s our goal to educate school districts, healthcare institutions, businesses, and organizations on the realities surrounding active shooter incidents. Attacks have occurred in numerous geographic locations, regardless of socioeconomic makeup, taking the lives of many innocent people.

Our commitment to saving lives from active shooter attacks can be seen in our dedication to innovation and strategic partnerships. When we first started in 2012, we provided active shooter training to school districts and began our work developing a security glass that would stand up shooter attacks. Nine years later, Armoured One LLC:

Armoured One LLC’s Vision: One Day We Won’t Have To

Our vision is that one day active shooter incidents aren’t the concern they are today. We recognize that mental health is a major contributor to the likelihood of active shooter events. Research shows that 83% of school attackers are current or former students. However, if customers are better prepared in the instance that an attack occurs, we can help them to keep attackers at bay outside of their buildings and help the individuals inside better respond in the instance an attacker gains entry.

Our goal is to continue to innovate, partner, and manufacture the leading products on the market so that we can save lives for years to come. Until we can prevent active shooter attacks, we have to prepare for them.

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