Armoured One Shooter Attack Certified Glass: The Best Solution for School Security

When school districts consider hardening their buildings, they are looking for ways to make them more secure. This means taking proper safety precautions by way of doors, windows, markings, and plans. One of the best solutions for schools to harden their exterior and keep unwanted individuals out is to install shooter attack certified glass in their doors and windows. This can either come in the form of new glass or as a film applied to preexisting glass.

Bullet Proof Glass Isn’t Real

We’ve all seen the movies where bullets bounce off of car or building window, maybe leaving only a few pock marks but otherwise protecting the character behind it. This portrayal is nothing more than a fantasy and the term bullet proof glass is misleading. Typically, products that are considered “bullet proof,” are actually not glass at all. They are made of polycarbonate, acrylic, or a piece of glass with a polycarbonate layer. None of these is truly impenetrable so a better term would be bullet-resistant. While they may delay a bullet from penetrating a window or door, a bullet will eventually make it through.

Shooter Attack Certified vs. Bullet-Resistant

There are number of bullet-resistant glasses and films on the market but they vary depending on thickness, price, composition, and lamination techniques. Armoured One not only manufactures one of the thickest security films in the bullet-resistant category, their product also stands up to the shooter attack testing making it the only product on the market that is shooter attack certified. No competing bullet-resistant glass or film carries this certification.

The shooter attack test puts the glass or film through numerous rounds of testing with various bullets and guns. It is then further attacked using the butt of the gun or a baseball bat. The shooter attack certified rating proves that while bullets may penetrate the glass, it will keep a shooter at bay, outside of the school, until law enforcement arrives.

Strictly bullet-resistant glasses and films, however, don’t stand up to the multi-step testing. For instance, a typical competitor bullet-resistant film has a thickness of 8 MIL. After shooting the glass with both a pistol and semi-automatic rifle, it can be punched through and the shooter can gain access to what’s behind the glass. Armoured One’s shooter attack certified film is 23mm. After shooting the glass with the same guns and with more rounds, would have to further attack the glass with the butt of the gun or similar object (like a baseball bat) in order to break through and gain entry. When that film is applied to glass, Armoured One’s shooter attack certified glass is even more difficult to penetrate.

We Can Help

Armoured One offers a number of shooter attack certified film and glass products. These include additional options like fire-rated, bomb blast-resistant, and insulated. To learn more about our products, contact our team today!