Armoured One Face Shield Donations & Community Impact

As COVID-19 continues to impact most of the world, Armoured One is focused on supporting our local community and its many organizations. While face masks have become the norm, COVID-19 face shields are equally important, especially for individuals in certain work environments, by providing an additional layer of protection. For example, those in medical facilities, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential, high-traffic businesses. In Spring 2020, we pivoted some of our manufacturing operations to produce face shields in order to add to the national stockpile and provide resources for our local community. However, part of our decision to pivot was so that we could donate face shields to local organizations and schools.

Donating Face Shields to A Local Organization

Since we pivoted operations to manufacture face shields, we have sold a number of shields to community members who want to help protect their loved ones. From schools to businesses to nonprofits, Armoured One’s face shields have helped in the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. In addition to the shields that have been purchased, Armoured One has donated a number of shields to local organizations in order to keep their employees, volunteers, and patrons safe.

Here at Armoured One we are big on community and the impact we currently have and can have in the future. Our goal since day one has been to help save lives. While traditionally from active shooter attacks, a global pandemic provided a new way for us to help save people; it was a natural pivot. As we explore ways to work more regularly alongside our community partners, we want to ensure they are protected and can continue to provide valuable services. Recently, Armoured One donated to community partner ARC of Onondaga. ARC of Onondaga is a local nonprofit that helps individuals with developmental disabilities find meaningful employment so they can contribute to their communities and make a living. When ARC reached out to us for face shields, we recognized the opportunity to help our fellow community members in a difficult season.

Why Support the Community?

Armoured One’s history has been connected to the revitalization efforts of the city of Syracuse from the beginning. We purchased our building and the surrounding properties in a tax auction, with the intention of restoring and expanding our operations beyond just glass and film. To date, we have put time and money into the building and into the community. We would rather restore a building with rich history in the city than build anew, while providing jobs to the local community. Our building was previously owned and occupied by the Lennox Furnace company; the history runs deep. In addition to the face shield operations, we have also added a water jet to our large-scale equipment and are working on new ways to expand operations, improve more of our property, and employ more people.

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If you’re interested in purchasing face shields for your company or organization, purchasing face shields to donate, or interested in receiving a donation, visit our website or give us a call today. 

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