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How to effectively use shooter attack glass and film to slow down or deter an attacker.

One of the most terrifying and deadliest scenarios schools and other public places around the country are facing today is an active shooter. Buildings are required to be up to fire code, but knowing that on average a person is shot every eight seconds in an active shooter attack, what is being done to keep people safe from an active shooter?

As architects, you are the real first responders by utilizing shooter attack products and designing buildings with help of active shooter experts.

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Learning Targets

  • History of Active Shooters in our Schools
  • Difference between attack resistant and bullet resistant glass
  • The latest test method designed by Active Shooter experts call Shooter Attack
  • Understanding the types of safety films vs shooter attack films
  • Understanding the types of safety glass vs shooter attack glass
  • The various options and tested assemblies that have been currently tested and approved.