Prepare yourselves: Active Shooter Training for Schools

You often hear about mass shootings in schools, and the tragedies that accompany them. Active Shooter Training for Schools has developed as a necessity in our current era.

It won’t happen here.

This is something you hear every day walking the halls of a school building. Teachers and other faculty are delusional in thinking that an active killer situation will not happen. In all reality, a massacre can happen anywhere and at any time.

What if it does happen here?

We train for disasters routinely, such as fires, earthquakes and tornadoes. What makes an active shooter/killer disaster any different? Do you not feel that you and your staff should be prepared for the ever-growing threat of a massacre? Armoured One’s philosophy is preparedness. If you are prepared for an event, you can overcome an event.

How do we protect these kids?

Your role has evolved as teachers. If a tragedy was to unfold in your school, it is your duty to protect the students and you are the first responders. The key to survival is preparedness. Learning, practicing, and retaining the information you need to survive an active killer situation. The best practice for survival would be to have a plan well before the event happens. Statistics tell us that an average active shooter event lasts 8 minutes. That is 8 minutes between the first shot and the last shot. In a perfect world emergency response time is faster than 8 minutes, and they will be able to reach you in time. This is not a perfect world, and we all know that. An active shooter attack could very well be over with by the time police arrive. This is why you are the first responders.

How can we prevent this from happening?

Let’s go over some day to day tips.

During your daily routine, spend time evaluating the world around you. If you are in a classroom, plan the best escape routes if an event was to happen in the hallway, a few classrooms away, on the other side of the school, and any other scenarios you can think of. Take notice of student’s routines. Look for changes in the daily attitude of your students. If you see a student becoming increasingly aggressive, it may be time to say something.  Be aware of the bags your students carry. If your student is wearing unusually baggy clothing or carrying larger bags than necessary, this could be a sign they can be concealing a weapon. Identify weak points in your area. Do you have a large window into your classroom? Which way does your classroom door swing open? Do you have more than one entrance/exit to the room? All of these are things you must consider and evaluate. The majority of the time a massacre happens, we hear from people that the attacker showed behavior signs prior to the attack. If you see something, say something.

Active Shooter Training for Schools

About Armoured One’s Active Shooter Training for Schools

Armoured One’s Active Shooter Training for schools follows the principles of Run – Hide – Barricade – Fight. You must understand that these steps are not linear, and you may start at any step of this process depending on how the situation unfolds. The decisions you make during an active killer scenario are usually a choice between bad and worse. You have to win, and to win you have to be prepared to run, hide, barricade or fight.

Armoured One goes into deep detail about the philosophy and research behind the run – hide – barricade – fight tactics in our multiple levels of training available to schools. Working with SWAT Team Operators, Homeland Security Active Shooter Experts, a former Navy SEAL Master Chief, a Delta Force Team Leader, former FBI Agents and former Secret Service Agents, Psychologists and Teachers, Armoured One has developed groundbreaking training to help our schools defend against a massacre.