Over the last 5 years there has been more and more attacks on schools involving guns. The three most deadliest school shootings all involved the attacker shooting glass to gain access. We can install Armoured One’s security films on the inside of your existing glass to help deter an attacker from gaining entry through your glass. Armoured One’s goal is to slow down an attacker as much as possible, to buy your students, teachers, and staff more time to allow first responders to your school. Our security film are installed like other safety films, but Armoured One’s security films are double or triple the strength then your traditional safety film. These security films are invisible to attackers and they will never know they are there.

Bullet Resistant Level Security Films On Glass

Armoured One security films are bullet resistant when applied to glass. All of our testing is done by a third party company.

Cost Effective Solution:

Security films are significantly less expensive than replacing glass windows. In addition, there is no construction down time and depending on the size of the project, our security films can be installed within a short period of time.

Strategically Placed Security films:

We have a team of certified SWAT Team leaders that work with our company on a daily basis. We use their knowledge and expertise to help us strategically focus on high-risk areas in your school. Unlike glass companies, where they are not qualified to tactically place safety films or security films, we focus on the most important areas of your building, based on the history of active shooters.

Armoured One Certified Technicians:

Our technicians go through a rigorous 80 hour certification training coarse before installing on school glass. You can be confident that the installation will be done right the first time.

SED Approved:

Our security films are approved by the State Education Department. Additional aid is offered for the installation of Security films. Find out if you qualify for additional aid by contacting us here.

Our Security Films In Action: 

Other “safety films” will show you how they can deter a person with a baseball bat. There has yet to be seen a major attack on a building with a baseball bat. Guns are what we are trying to fight out of our schools, businesses, malls, and public buildings, which is why we do demos every month shooting our security films on glass several times before trying to hit it with a baseball.