Emergency Preparedness Plans

Every school must have a emergency preparedness plan to outline procedures and evacuation guidelines in case of an emergency. Most of these plans are cookie cutter plans that do not address any customization based on building assessments. We help develop completely customized plans at the building level, not just at a district wide level. Learn More About Emergency Preparedness Plans here!

Faculty And Staff Training

Our certified trainers are active duty SWAT Team members which are the same people that will respond to any attack on a school. If you want to learn about what to do during an attack then you would want to learn from the guys that train everyday on what to do during an attack and how to be alert prior to an attack happening. Learn More About Faculty And Staff Training here!

School Building Audits

We look at every building with a tactical mindset. Our certified active duty SWAT Team personnel will assess every aspect of your building and expose any weaknesses it may have. Then we turn that into a report you can use for future security planning. Learn More About School Building Audits here!