One-Way Bullet Resistant GlassArmoured One’s School Security Glass is our thinnest one-way bullet resistant glass that we offer. Depending on the application and strength you’re looking for, the size for this glass ranges from a quarter inch thick to five sixteenths inch thick. Yes, we can achieve bullet resistance on glass that thin! This type of glass is a great option for projects that might be restricted to a budget, where they can use the existing glass frames and drop our AOSSG-25 right into place.

Armoured One’s AOSSG-25 is best when used on glass that is on the interior of a building. We recommend this glass for the second set of vestibule doors, classroom interior doors and windows, as well as office doors and windows.

AOSSG-25 As Insulated Glass Units

Armoured One’s School Security Glass can be used as the first pane of an insulated glass unit. Since it is only a quarter inch or five sixteenths inch thick, it will still remain as a one inch unit using common size spacers and quarter inch tempered glass for the second pane of glass. Our Insulated Glass does range in bullet resistant levels. For more information on our one-way bullet resistant insulated glass units, click here.

What Does One-Way Bullet Resistant Glass Mean?

All of our glass is designed to be one-way bullet resistant glass, as we see it extremely valuable to be able to defend yourself from the inside out. For example, if you have any armed personnel, they would be able to shoot back at any attacker that might be trying to get into your building.

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